Keeping Joints Healthy: How Physical Activity In Middle Age Can Benefit Your Health

How many of the middle-aged women you know exercise regularly? Most of us cannot name at least a dozen of them, and it’s no wonder: the majority of middle-aged people feel too tired or lack motivation to do sports. Yet if they did, it could benefit their health: according to researchers, exercising can help people keep their joints healthy even when they get older, and muscle weakness symptoms can also be reduced, if regular exercises are made daily routine.

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Don’t let your joints get bored

A recent research has shown that those middle-aged women who maintain physical activity (at least low levels of it) experience fewer joint symptoms, and such practices are associated with better joint condition in later life. The association was most evident in obese women: they seemed to benefit more, as those with higher-than-normal BMI experienced a stronger effect. The menopausal status appeared to have no impact on the effect, as so did hormone therapy.

The study, in which 6661 participants enrolled, proved that physical activity is crucial for keeping your body healthy, and joints are no exception.

In order to maintain a decent level of activity, you can jog or opt for aerobic exercises. Note that those who are older than 50 may find it difficult to perform certain exercises, so it’s best to consult your GP to find an appropriate activity to fit your health condition.

Regular exercising is associated with better physical performance in later life

Physical activity, if maintained in middle age, can also benefit your bones and muscles. It has been known for some time that your physical performance can be improved if you go in for sports. The correlation between physical activities and physical abilities in later life was evident regardless of BMI. Exercising regularly can also reduce the chance of developing sarcopenia, a condition which implies skeletal muscle mass loss and overall muscle weakness.

Another important note: when trying to keep your muscles in good shape, do not exhaust your body conquering that super-heavy weight, as it can be dangerous. Instead, opt for sports that benefit your heart and a variety of other organs. These may include swimming, jogging, yoga (its physical aspect), walking, etc.

Exercising for seniors: why not?

If you have already celebrated your 50th anniversary, it does not mean all that is left to do is to share your memories with your neighbors and forget about any activities. On the contrary, the longer you maintain your decent activity level, the better the chances you will remain mobile when you get older.

Some find it entertaining to jog, others prefer gardening; it’s up to you to find an activity that would not make you feel extremely tired while providing some kind of challenge for your body. Skiing and cycling are nice options too.

If you cannot make yourself go out to jog in the local park, adopt a dog: it will enable you to both do a good deed and have a reason to go for a walk at least twice a day, regardless of weather, mood, etc.

If you prefer running or cycling, make sure your technique is correct, otherwise you can damage your joints.

Besides, don’t forget that a healthy diet is a thing which benefits your body too. Leading an active life while you are still young, though in middle age, is an investment which affects your retirement years, as researches show, so it’s a good idea to find an activity you will like, but make sure your health condition allows it!

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