Male Impotence Myths

Are you problems to an erection? Do you have questions about the private life with your partner? If this is the case, then you can also use the erectile dysfunction of the penis or impotence. Contrary to popular belief, the impotence is not a disease. There are a certain physical disorders such as diabetes and lower blood pressure.

He may also by stress and injuries. There is still much to understand this condition. To help you a clearer picture of what is not the powerlessness of a man, here are some of the myths and facts about the helplessness.

Myth: The encounter with an erectile dysfunction is inevitable that I age.

Not necessarily. Although the level of sexual stimulation for men changes as they grow older, it does not mean that they are medically impotent. May older men need more time, awoke to May or it needs more than the physical. They also have a higher risk of health problems such as hypertension and diabetes, which can help the cause erectile dysfunction.

BTW: Smoking causes impotence.

Unfortunately, this is not a myth. Medical research has shown that smoking cause’s impotence reduces blood flow in the penis. Nicotine, the chemical that makes smoking addiction, restricts the flood of blood into the penis by blocking key arteries. In addition to the blockage of the arteries, nicotine also affects the mechanisms of the valve to save the blood into the penis.

Myth: If the drugs do not help to impotence, then everything is lost.

Not necessarily true. There are other methods that are now available which can help in the treatment of impotence. These methods are effective and harmless, but it must be recommended and / or administered by doctors. A popular method for the treatment of impotence today is the impotence of injections.

Myth: The young men do not know the impotence.

This is totally wrong. It is said that one of the 10 men who is older than 21 years in connection with the encounter erectile dysfunction. The causes for these cases are probably on the mental health of the patient, as their physical wellbeing.

Myth: My partner will leave me once I become impotent.

Although the erectile dysfunction, a negative effect on couples, there are many treatments are available now for this problem. Reports have shown that couples who by these treatments have a big improvement in the quality of their relationship.

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