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Our world is full of colors – red, green, blue etc. Some of them we like, but others make us feel uncomfortable. We try to surround ourselves with the things colored as we like, because it makes us feel better. So, do colors have an ability to influence our mood and feelings, or is this theory just a figment?

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The power of color remains the object of scrutiny for many years and even thousands of years. The amazing healing properties of different colors were noticed by ancient Egyptians and Greeks. In XVII century Isaac Newtown struggled to understand the nature of light. In the beginning of the XIX century Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his book Theory of Colors described psychological influence of colors. He divided colors into positive (yellow, orange and red) that make us feel more cheerful and alive; and negative (blue, red-blue) that make us anxious and melancholic. Goethe considered green to be a neutral color or a color that has the least influence on the mood.

Great attention to the influence of color on the perception and mental state of a man was paid by the Swiss psychologist Max Luscher. He found that a certain color is connected with a certain emotion. For example, yellow and red tones create a feeling of excitement and activity. Blue and gray tones tend to calm down, and the black ones may oppress. Green usually soothes and yellow creates a good mood.

Jacobs and Suess studied reaction of 13 men and 27 women on different colors. The results showed that the level of anxiety under the influence of yellow and red colors is significantly higher than under the influence of green or blue. This study confirmed the fact that different colors have different effects on the level of anxiety and excitement.

In what way do colors influence our mood?

With red you will not dread

According to the recent data red color encourages people to make quick decisions. Red color also fills people with energy and courage, gives power to implement your plans. This color is associated with an active, enthusiastic mood, as well as with joy, strength and energy. And exactly because of these properties of red color most sport equipment is made in this tone. Such equipment literary encourages us to work harder.

With orange you will have no shortage

Orange color is associated with joy and warmth; it represents optimism, cordiality, impulsiveness and perseverance. The use of such color favorably affects brain work, stimulates activity and creativity. Orange affects the concentration and attention of a person. That’s why psychologists recommend using orange if you want to be in a good mood, reduce stress and irritability, improve the work of your brain and your willpower.

Green will make your thoughts clean

The power of green is well-known for many of us since childhood. Green color can help you to overcome anxiety and worrying. This color cleans your mind and helps you to keep your motivation. Also, under the influence of green color our concentration improves. This is the reason why the walls of many public buildings are painted green. Moreover, now there is a trend to make a living wall in offices which provides workers not only with fresh air, but also with a good mood.

With blue you will feel new

Blue is the color of patience and tolerance. It improves your imagination and in addition reduces blood pressure, slows down breathing and lowers body temperature. Due to the effects of this color very often walls in a class for meditation are painted blue. But you should be careful with dark blue; such color may on the contrary be a cause of depression.

We are always surrounded by colors and sometimes the way we feel in some places is strongly connected with the colors they have. So if you want to change your mood or even your attitude to life just add the appropriate colors in your life and you will achieve your goal!

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