Genetic Obesity

When it comes to obesity, the question whether it can be evoked by some genetic predisposition frequently arises. Fairly enough it is normal for people to try to find out if there are any non-dependent factors that are actually more in charge of the tendency to gain weight than a person’s bad eating and lifestyle habits. Perhaps, it is all about genetic obesity?..

It has been discovered that there is such a thing as genetic predisposition. In simple terms it can be described as ability of a certain gene to influence individual’s phenotype expression. As a result, a person becomes more susceptible to certain conditions. It is either physical or mental alternations that occur at birth or develop with time. When it comes to genetic obesity, it is supposed that a person is more likely to gain more weight than another average person in case he is predisposed to do so. Genetic obesity can explain many cases of overweight in this respect.

When it comes to predisposition in general, it can be defined as a higher than average possibility of a person to develop this or that disorder depending on the type of gene. Mental health problems such as schizophrenia can be a very good example of genetic predisposition. It has been proved that people with family history of this disorder are much more likely to have this problem in comparison to those whose relatives never had anything of the kind. Surely enough this is not necessarily that a person will become schizophrenic; however, with the presence of some triggering conditions the gene can do its job. The same is with genetic obesity. Any person with a sedentary lifestyle and bad diet can become overweight; however, the one with susceptibility has more chances with caeteris paribus.

Genetic obesity, or genetic predisposition to obesity, has been among the factors triggering obesity for a pretty long time and not without a reason. There have been studies that showed actually the connection between the changes in INSIG2 gene and consequential obesity probability in such people. This gene is supposed to alter in a way that bodily fat production get changed as well and a person tends to gaining weight easier and faster than other people. This can also explain the ability of some people to stay slim no matter how much they eat and whether they are active or not.

Genetic obesity can be compared to alcoholic one. It has been studied and proved that genetic predisposition to alcoholism exists and that that it is responsible for about half of the cases of alcohol addiction. However, one should not be deluded into thinking that everything can be explained by genes in this field. There are enough of people who are just unable to resist to the temptation and therefore become addicted. Still, genetic predisposition should not be underestimated. Alcoholism as well as genetic obesity are not just empty words.

The same can be said about depression to some extent. Although, it is more about causes and underlying reasons, still, there have been noticed that children of depressed parents are more prone to developing depressive moods than the ones from the families where depression is not dominating background. However, it is still unclear which exactly gene is responsible for depression; and in this respect it is easier with genetic obesity.

Surely enough such predispositions as to cancer or some other severe disorders have been more the object of studies than genetic obesity. After all, obesity can be fraught with dangerous consequences but cancer is a disorder that actually kills. That is why genetic predisposition to diabetes, for instance, is much more studied. The same can be said about cancers and other debilitating diseases. However, a lot have been learned about genetic obesity as well.

We used to take genetic predisposition as something negative in the first place. However, as any other phenomenon, the medal has both sides. It has already been mentioned, that a person’s ability to stay slim has the same origin as genetic obesity. The same can be said about a person’s skills and abilities and even talents.

It is very frustrating and not good news to have a genetic predisposition to something like mental disorder or any other medical condition, such as genetic obesity, for instance. However, all the knowledge that has already been accumulated in medicine is a great help in fighting and prevention of many conditions already. And this is a great step.

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