Yoga is Beneficial for Health in a Variety of Ways, Researches Show

Yoga became popular quite a long time ago, and nowadays it’s difficult to surprise someone by saying you practice it on a daily basis. While the spiritual part of yoga is controversial, the physical aspect is the one which definitely benefits our health, researchers say. Several recent studies showed that yoga poses can help reverse scoliosis curves, improve heart health, and even reduce sleep disturbances in patients suffering from breast cancer!

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Yoga Helps Reverse Scoliosis Curves

A clinical research has recently showed that regular exercising using two yoga poses helps reduce scoliosis curves, thus helping relieve pain and even avoid surgery. The study involved 74 volunteers who were asked to exercise for just a couple of minutes a day for a few months. After ten months of exercising, adults had their curves reduced by 25-35%, and the same result was achieved in adolescents within six months. It was noted, though, that it was easier for younger participants to respond to exercising, compared to adults, but significant improvements were seen in each case. Yoga appears to be beneficial for those suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition which cannot be treated by means of surgery but is hereditary.

The two yoga poses in question are the side plank (it can help treat lumbar curves) and the half moon pose (used for treating thoracic curves). Doing these exercises can help improve your posture and relieve pain if you suffer from adolescent idiopathic scoliosis or degenerative scoliosis. Besides, yoga can be used to get rid of extra pounds.

Yoga Helps Improve Heart Health

A combination of aerobic exercises and yoga proves to be especially effective in patients suffering from heart diseases. According to the study conducted by the American College of Cardiology, practicing both yoga and aerobic exercises helps achieve significant reduction in cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI – twice as much compared to those who practice either yoga or aerobic exercises. The study involved 750 patients who were suffering from coronary heart disease. They were divided into three groups: one focused on aerobic exercising, another one, on yoga practices, and the third one did both. The experiment lasted 6 months. While either activity if used alone showed reduction in triglycerides, blood pressure, waist circumference, weight, LDL and blood pressure, the combination appeared to be twice as effective. Besides, additional benefits were seen: participants from the third group had their diastolic function, left ventricular ejection fraction, and endurance improved.

Researchers say that combining yoga and aerobic exercises helps reduce stress, both physical and mental. It appears that patients suffering from heart issues are not the only ones who can benefit from doing these activities: it is recommended to make them part of your daily routine regardless of your age and health condition.

Yoga Helps Reduce Sleep Disturbances In Patients With Breast Cancer

The third recent study we want to cover is the one conducted by the University of Texas. According to the team of researchers, practicing Tibetan yoga twice a week can help reduce sleep disturbances in those patients who suffer from breast cancer and have to undergo treatment. The quality of sleep increases along with sleep efficiency. Such an approach enabled the study participants feel better during the chemotherapy treatment, which is associated with fatigue and sleep disturbances.

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