Cutting Disorder

In every persons life there may happen events that are not exactly nice and even ones that are downright horrible. However majority of people try to cope with them somehow. But there are some people who get affected very seriously and they start developing a very harmful coping mechanism – they start cutting themselves. This condition is called a self mutilation disorder, or cutting disorder.

This usually happens with people who have come too far in their despair and depression that they are unable to alleviate the state by any other means.

Cutting disorder usually is characterized by a person’s injuring him or herself with various sharp objects such as knives, razor blades, scissors and the like in various places of the body. This is frequently wrists and hands, but also may be belly and chest as well as any other parts of the body. Besides, other injury options are very possible. Some people choose to harm internal organs with trying to swallow sharp objects and others break their bones or burn themselves. The methods of achieving pain are different but they all have one and the same aim – they try to make themselves feel the pain and by doing so detach form any other pains or thoughts that hunt them.

One should not confuse a person with cutting disorder for the one who is aiming at a suicide attempt. People who choose to injure themselves do not want to die. They seek alleviation to the feelings and thoughts and the states of mind they experience. This is a sort of defense mechanism, the one that helps them to cope with the situation they are unable to handle. Cutting helps such people to get emotional evasion and relief as they feel pain and see their own blood.

Cutting disorder can be met in people who experiences very serious pain and also in people in the state of chronic and severe depression. For the former it is a way to shift the focus of their attention from the pain they suffer from to this minor pain and therefore get some relief from doing so. For the latter it is also a distraction mechanism though in a figurative sense as they shift their focus from their thoughts. Pain makes such people realize that they actually are able to feel anything. Deeply depressed people frequently lose interest in life and stop enjoying anything and feel anything as it occurs to them. Cutting helps to get some of the sensations back and this only alleviates their state.

However, one should understand that cutting disorder is not a healthy coping mechanism and it does not do anything good for a person in fact. It is another form of addiction that does not bring any relief in the long run. The thing is that cutting disorder only capable of providing a temporary relief without changing the situation not in a bit. Cutting disorder is a mental condition and it needs help.

According to the recent statistics about 2 million people in America are prone to cutting disorder.

Most of them seek consolation and relief from the depression they are in.

Average age of people who tend to start cutting themselves is from 13 to 30; women do it more frequently than men.

It is also frequent that people with cutting disorder are unwilling to seek help and reveal the real reasons of injuring. They are afraid of being misunderstood and therefore judged. There are also a lot of cases when people, and young women especially, start cutting themselves in the result of physical abuse or incest and so on. In some cases drug addiction can trigger the condition.

In anyway, one should understand that cutting disorder is not just a whim and desire to attract attention. It is a serious psychological problem and a person is very likely in need of special professional assistance.

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