Kidney Stones Disease Symptoms

Kidney stones disease is a more frequent condition than many of us used to think. It is also a very serious illness and can affect a person’s life considerably. In case you suspect that something is not right with your kidneys, it is better to undergo a complete check-up. Besides, there are certain factors that make the possibility of kidney stones appearance higher.

One of the first things to do is to revise your family medical history on the account of any members having kidney problems. It is very likely that you can have kidney stones disease if any of your family members had one.

Researches also show that men are more likely to have kidney problems in general and develop kidney stones disease in particular than women. However this should not be taken as if women do not suffer from the condition and are safe from it. This is not true.

It is a very harmful habit to control your urges to urinate. Surely enough there are situations when nothing else can be done, however, in all the other cases when you feel that you need to go to the bathroom – do it and do not wait. Such things are fraught with very serious problems not only referring to kidneys but also when it comes to women’s health in general.

Pains in your the pelvic region or lower part of the back, it might be the sign that your kidneys do not work properly. This does not necessarily mean that kidney stones disease is developing but there is something to worry about. It is especially recommended to check with a doctor if pains are recurring and do not alleviate.

Kidney stones disorder can manifest by one more distinctive symptom – fever that is not exactly fever. A person is not ill in the way he may be ill when he actually does have fever. But he usually has this pelvic region or lower back pain as well as pains in joints and muscles. As a result he may find it difficult to bend sideways. Weakness also refers to kidney problem symptoms.

Next symptom that should warn a person with suspicions for kidney problems is the alternation in urine color. It usually darkens and contains some blood traces in it. Frequently a person experiences painful sensation while urinating. These are very serious symptoms and should be reported to a doctor immediately in case there is a risk of kidney stones disease development.

Extreme pain in your area of lower abdomen is a distinct symptom of kidney stones. Do not hesitate a second if this happens to you – this is a very serious symptom and a person may need immediate hospitalization and in some cases surgery.

Kidney stones disease should not be underestimated. It is a very serious and debilitating condition that can be fraught with severe consequences if left neglected. It is recommended to apply for professional medical evaluation in case any suspicions arouse.

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