Beach Trip Benefits: Go There if You Can

Even those who prefer active leisure to lying on the beach can still say that sometimes day at the seaside is quite a good way to break their routine, even usual vacation routine. However, it is not obvious for everybody that spending time on the beach has a number of benefits in addition to a chance to relax and do nothing. So what are these and why you should really consider going to the beach as soon as possible?

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To care about your mental health

You do remember that depressive feeling when it’s all cold and foggy outside, right? And doesn’t sound of sea or ocean waves and bright sun make life much better? As studies show, there is connection between depression and level of sunlight exposure. In short, the more sun you get, the better you feel. Scientists say that sun improves our cognitive functioning, positively influences serotonin production, thus alleviating symptoms of depression and even preventing seasonal affective disorders, reducing overall stress level and resulting into improved appetite and sleep.

To get some Vitamin D

The beach is a perfect place to help you in maintaining good level of vitamin D, also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’. Though it can be obtained from foods like fatty fish like tuna, mackerel and salmon, fish liver oils, cheese and egg yolks, sun exposure remains the primary source of this vital vitamin for us. There are data showing that a half of the world population suffers from vitamin D deficiency, which may lead to fragility of bones, higher risk of osteoporosis, weakening of immune system. The process of producing vitamin D in our body is triggered by the influence sunlight makes on our skin. However, the approach to sunbathing should still remain responsible, as suffering from sunburns should not be the consequence of sun exposure. 10 to 15 minutes is okay, and after that sunscreen is necessary to ensure protection from extra sunlight and negative things it may bring.

To improve condition of one’s skin

While it may sound surprising, seawater is one of the best cleansers and moisturizers. Salt and magnesium it contains have proven to reduce roughness of the skin, decrease inflammation and irritation, speed up processes of shedding away old skin cells and regeneration of new ones. While the mentioned study was conducted with the water of Dead Sea, which is, probably, too far away to travel, any sea that is within your reach could do instead. Altogether, salt water of seas significantly enhances texture and elasticity of our skin and makes people suffering from skin conditions feel better.

To spend some time with ourselves

Rush of our daily lives, hustle and bustle of big cities inevitably overwhelm us at some point. In modern world we are supposed to be within reach of others literally 24/7. So it could be extremely helpful for us to just un-plug for a short moment. A Swedish study conducted among young adults aged 20 to 24 has demonstrated that excessive use of technology leads to sleep issues, intensive stress and developing mental health issues at the end.

So a beach can be a perfect place to practice mindfulness, develop one’s meditation skills and just be alone for some time.

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