Chronic Tension Headaches Symptoms

Tension headaches are more frequent that one can suppose. Actually, they are usually the result of stress and fatigue in the first place. After a burst of anger it is also possible to have a tension headache. It can frequently be confused with an ordinary headache as long as it does not have the symptoms that differ considerably.

Tension headaches have got two types actually: chronic and episodic. The former is characterized by frequently occurring headaches that can bother a person pretty much. The latter are temporary and tend to happen from time to time and vary in the level of intensity.

Tension headaches are not serious and they are not in the least threatening as soon as they are not they symptom of some other condition that is more serious. It is very possible that tension headaches symptoms manifest themselves as a result of the treatment with certain medications.

Chronic headaches are also known as persistent or constant. This is a very wide-spread condition and a lot of people suffer from chronic tension headaches symptoms. They can be the following:

Tension headaches symptoms are met in about 4 in 100 people and they can last up to 15 days and even longer. They are very tiring and make people suffer a lot. It is not characteristic for people with tension headaches to have migraine history. It is not that bad and a person can continue with what he or she was doing but it involves a bit of uncomfortable feeling.

In the list of other tension headaches symptoms are pains in the muscles as well as chronic fatigue. A person has difficulty concentrating and getting to sleep. Headaches are present in the morning and the feeling of pressure is also present in the head and around. There are other symptoms as well.

Tension headaches are not serious, but should they appear to bother a person more than usual, it is recommended to apply for professional help and consult a health care provider as soon as possible.

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