Useful Oils for Hair

It is very frequently that hair needs assistance in order to shine and be the source of everyone’s admiration. This is especially true about summer hot and winter freezing cold months.

However, no matter the time, hair should be taken care of. The best thing is to opt for different oils. They have got all the nutrients and useful ingredients that enrich hair and make them healthier. Among the best and most popular oils for hair are almond, olive and castor oils.

To start with olive oil one should keep in mind that it is one of the greatest oils among oils for hair per se. It has long been popular and has got a lot of uses. When it comes to oils for hair, it provides all the necessary nourishment for hair and makes them all the way healthier.

Olive oil is a great conditioner and it makes hair more elastic and structurally stronger. It is very easy to make a home-made mask from olive oil. All that you need is just 1/2 cup olive oil and a little bit of some essential oil. You mix the oils and leave them overnight. Then rinse your hair with some warm water so that it was wet. After that you should apply oil mixture to your hair and first of all to the scalp. Hair ends should also be covered with olive oil as well. It is recommended to keep the mask under the plastic cup for about half an hour in order to achieve the effect of softness of hair. After 30 minutes rinse your hair off the oil and wash it as usual.

Next in the list of beneficial and healthy oils for hair is castor oil. This oil is also universally known and appreciated for its characteristics. It is used for scars and acne treatment as well as for eyelashes and also for hair. It is extremely beneficial in this respect ad it provides nourishment and improves the structure of hair. It makes new hair grow and your hair in general looks great.

One of the ingredients of castor oil is ricinoleic acid which is noted for its protective properties and also is supposed to boost hair growth. Besides, Omega-9 fatty acids are also present in the oil; they moisturize the scalp and keep away dandruff. Another useful property of castor oil among other oils for hair is that it can draw moisture into the hair. This is a great thing as well-moisturized hair are shiny and healthy and something everyone around want to have. It is recommended to apply castor oil to hair on a regular basis about once a week, if you want your hair to become stronger and shinier.

The last but not the least among great oils for hair is almond oil. It is known for people for centuries and is successfully used for various purposes. This oil is especially useful and beneficial for hair that is dry and damaged and in need of treatment. It is rich in vitamin E and magnesium and it makes hair stronger and shinier. It is also recommended to be applied once a week at least on a regular basis. In a couple of months of usage you will not recognize your hair.

You can also try other oils for hair such as rosemary and burdock oil. They are also considered very helpful.

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