Decorating Your Home for Christmas Early Makes You Feel Happier

Christmas time is special, and most people find it necessary to decorate their homes to celebrate it. A recent research showed that those who prefer to put up Xmas lights as early as possible can feel happier because of it: recollections of the childhood times when they had no chores and issues characteristic of adult life make them feel relieved and happy. Besides, if a person decorates his or her house, investigators say, it means the homeowner is friendly and ready to communicate with neighbors.

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Early Decoration = Better Mood

According to experts, such as Steve McKeown, it is nostalgia that makes people want to decorate their homes early, as the environment and atmosphere created with the help of Xmas lights and other decorative items make them feel as if they were children again – with no great responsibilities and duties.

This world is a place which often brings anxiety and stress, and one of the ways to escape it is to immerse in the atmosphere of merrymaking which decorations help create. Early preparation for Christmas makes excitement last longer. So there’s no wonder you want to get a fir tree as soon as the last local teenager dressed for Halloween passes by your house!

If You Decorate, You Look Friendlier!

Decoration can be important not only for the person himself, but also for everyone around him. It has been known for quite a long time that people may use decorative elements to convey a certain message: they are friendly and part of the community. Thus, decorations become a means of saying that the homeowner is accessible to neighbors and ready to be friends with the people living around. It can also be said that holiday decorations are a way of expressing the willingness to participate in the neighborhood social life. Not only does it reveal such openness – it also makes the homeowner look friendlier, researchers say. The investigators asked volunteers to rate the sociability of those people who lived in the houses the raters were shown. It turned out that the raters attributed a higher level of openness and friendliness than the residents’ self-rated contact level if the house was decorated. Since decorated homes look more “lived in”, the volunteers based their judgments on the appearance of these houses.

If you have just moved and don’t know how to integrate your family in your new neighborhood, don’t forget to decorate your house for Christmas – early decoration is welcome too!

Xmas Decorations May Reveal the Wish to Reconnect with the One(s) Who Passed away

The reason for early decoration may seem quite clear, but Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, believes that this habit may be associated with the wish to honor the memory of the passed away person with whom you used to spend Christmas time when you were a child. She says, it can be explained by the feeling that a person can bring back the memories of happy times by means of dusting off those old snow globes and lights. So, it can be an attempt to feel more connected with the person who used to be with you, but cannot be here any more. In this case, it must be a mixture of both happiness and mourning, so this point of view brings another dimension to Christmas decorations.

Whatever the reason, it is not bad to decorate your home early – at least in most cases. The festive atmosphere and merrymaking can make you feel relaxed, so get out the fir tree, don’t forget to put up the lights and be ready to greet guests – you have just let everyone know you’re here and open for communication!

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