Keep on Running

Many doctors recommend that we devote at least 30 minutes a day to physical exercises. Today there are lots of opportunities to improve your health – you can go to a gym, do yoga, swim or go for aerobics! Despite the impressive variety of options, you have to have some money in your pocket to afford it. So, if your budget is pretty tight, but you still want to keep fit, you should absolutely turn your attention to running. Basically, it’s just you that you need for this kind of sports.

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The scientific evidence proves that doing exercises on a regular basis and especially running can give you more benefits than any medicine you can think of. Many researches show that running helps to avert obesity, some types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, etc.

The greatest advantage of running is that it improves the cardiac function due to normalization of blood pressure. Besides, American scientists think that joggers live 5-7 year longer than people who leave a sedentary life.
Apart from the indisputable benefits for health, running helps to control anxiety and stress as well. One of the studies proved that only 30 minutes of running during the week for several weeks improves the quality of sleep, emotional state and ability to concentrate during work.

No Special Skills

Everybody can run as soon as they start walking. You don’t need to be specially trained to become a runner. Just put your trainers on, fasten the shoelaces and go ahead. No new skills, no equipment – just go out and run. Of course, the environment plays some role. It’s perfect if you live in the suburbs or near a big nice park. However it’s not crucial if you are determined to become a runner. There are some people who manage to run up and down the stairs in tower blocks, though we understand that it’s not an option for everyone.

More Calories Burnt

There are not many exercises that can compete with running in terms of calories burning. Bikes, rowing machines, and weight benches are fine, but running is the champion. Medical College of Wisconsin together with the VA Medical Center conducted a study that showed that the treadmill committed to fire about 705-865 calories an hour on average, ski machine – 595-678 calories, and bike – 498-604 calories.


It goes without saying that those who are tired of all this day-to-day communication at work will probably prefer the loneliness of the long-distance runner. Nevertheless, running is a perfect way to make new friends. You can join a local running club or get to know a running neighbor closer, for instance. Most clubs run competitions which are also a fun way to socialize. The most ambitious and self-motivated runners can even try their legs in marathons where there are also lots of interesting people to meet. For the same reasons running can be a good pastime for older people.

Running Is Addictive

Some psychologists consider running to be a “positive addiction”. It’s a state when you are completely absorbed with what you are doing. When you run, you don’t concentrate on self-criticism or self-analysis, and it also has a good effect on your body and soul. Running improves mood and self-esteem. Setting and reaching goals makes you feel more confident and shows you, that you are actually capable of achieving something in life. Running helps the organism create special chemicals – serotonin and dopamine that help to prevent depression.

It’s never late to start running at any age. Just take the trainers out of the cupboard and run, run, run…

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