How to Stay Young?

At some point, every person notices that they begin to look in a different way than before – they become to look older. In pursue of their youth many people run to a plastic surgeon and beg to make them look younger. But there are many other ways that can make you look better and you do not need a scalpel and a great deal of money for that.

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The scientists have found out that 7% of people have a so-called “Peter Pen gene”. This gene is responsible for the process of ageing. It turned out that people who have such a gene look younger than they actually are. But what if you were not lucky enough to get such a gene? There are other ways to slow down the process of ageing.

Choose the right food

If you want to keep elasticity of your skin you have to eat more fruit and vegetables. It is proved that consumption of strawberries, spinach, red wine or vitamin C leads to the positive effect for our skin. They increase antioxidant capacity in our organism. Antioxidants are natural or synthetic substances that can inhibit the oxidation process during which free radicals appear. Excess of such “free radicals” causes health problems and ageing. In addition, beans, whole grain products, rapeseed and olive oil, fish and lean meat are responsible for the skin condition.

Build your face yourself

Of course when we meet a person the first thing we look at is their face. And of course our face may tell a lot about our age. There is an interesting way to make a person in front of you think “how old is she / he”. It is called facial exercises. They are different sets of exercises aimed at eliminating of traces of ageing. Regularly performing certain exercises for facial muscles you can restore their tone, and, consequently, tighten and smooth the skin, adjust the oval of your face and look younger for several years. Such gymnastics can be done at any time of the day. Some experts recommend doing exercises lying down and relaxing, for example, when you are taking a bath.

Sun damage

Everybody likes spending a holiday lying on the beach, listening to the sound of waves and sunbathing from dawn to dusk. But the scientists proved that the UV rays destroy our skin. Ultraviolet radiation causes the formation of free radicals in our organism which leads to destroying of the molecules. Thus the epidermis thickens, the cellular renewal slows down and the skin becomes drier, rougher and coarser. Due to the changes in the structure of collagen and elastin fibers the skin loses its elasticity.

But it is easy to protect your body from such unpleasant effect of the sun rays – just use hats, sunglasses or wear suntan cream of you are on the beach.

Choose appropriate cosmetics

It is necessary to take care of your skin regularly. Facial care should include cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. You should keep it in mind that water and soap are not suitable for skin cleansing. It is better to use cleansing milk, light mousse or foam with a neutral level of acidity. It is important to choose a suitable cream for all seasons. Also you can pay your attention to special cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and B which help to improve epidermis.

Keep your brain and body fit

Not all people like working out in a gym, and there is a great alternative to it. It is dancing! Dancing can train almost all parts of the body, strengthen muscles and joints, maintain flexibility. When people dance, they have to remember different positions and perform their movements according to the rhythm of the music, so they have to do quite a lot of mental activities simultaneously. Thus dancing stimulates our brain activity and improves it.

Ageing is an unstoppable process, but you have every right and ability to slow it down. You should accept your ageing and understand what your imperfections are and just work with them devoting just 30 minutes a day to yourself. I believe you are able to do it!

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