Williams Syndrome Symptoms Facts

Williams Syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder. It means that something in genes structure went wrong at birth. This does not have anything to do with pregnancy problems or anything of the kind; it is just a rare chance that happens at ransom. However, if a parent has got the condition, it is most likely that a kid will have it as well.

It is also called is also called Williams-Beuren Syndrome and was named so after Dr Williams from New Zealand. It is considered a syndrome as it actually presupposes that not all the people affected are likely to show the same features at once. It is more like the condition that is met in rare individuals and they share similar features. Nowadays it is possible to test a kid for this condition in case there are any suspicions for Williams Syndrome symptoms.

Williams Syndrome symptoms include problems with feeding that are called thriving failure. Vomiting and colic are also frequent. A kid’s late start to walk can be also considered one of the Williams Syndrome symptoms. Speech is also developed slower in these kids. And they are rather slow on the uptake in everything that concerns school and studying at first. They are perfectly able to catch up later with assistance and support.

One of the Williams Syndrome symptoms, or better to say peculiarities, is that kids with this condition are fascinated by music a lot and they feel it well and deeply. Moreover, they are very open to other people and easy to communicate and are not uncomfortable with strangers.

Williams Syndrome symptoms also presuppose that learning is a bit of a challenge for these kids. Their appearance is also very distinctive. They have got large facial features and a nose that is upturned, prominent eyes and rather a big distance between a nose and upper lip. Generally, their teeth are either small or widely spaced and they are shorter than other kids of the same age.

Williams Syndrome symptoms are not treated as this is a genetic disorder. However, the condition can be recognized at early stages and helped. A person with Williams Syndrome is capable of living a full life with support and assistance from outside and in time.

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