Symptoms of Manic Depression

Manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is a much more frequent condition than one can actually imagine. It is characterized by rapid changes in mood from depressive to extremely excited. The behavior of such a person is frequently misjudged as it people generally do not suspect a disorder. The first idea is that a person is a bit strange and erratic. It is very hard to single out the symptoms of manic depression as it is.

Sometimes people get misguided by the term of mania used in the name of symptoms of manic depressive disorder. It is better to use the term of bipolar disorder to some extent. The thing is that mania is described as excessive excitement or enthusiasm, which is frequently considered to be equal to the state of extreme happiness. However, it has a bit different shading in the context of bipolar disorder. Mania periods in are characterized by pretty extreme and frequently wild behaviors. In terms of bipolar disorder it is a quite different state than all the conventional dictionaries can give you.

Symptoms of manic depression, or bipolar disorder, are various. The condition has got two phases – depressive and maniac. They differ in the level of intensity depending on the type of bipolar disorder. However, the following signs are characteristic – difficulty controlling impulses and emotions, no necessity in sleeping, difficulty in controlling actions and outbursts. People can demonstrate sexual behavior that is not really acceptable; the desire to spend a lot can be hard to control as well. As the other phase of the disorder is depressive, extremely gloomy moods can change the maniac periods.

Problems with making decisions and difficulty concentrating can also be considered as symptoms of manic depression. So are loss of appetite and the feelings of fatigue and in the depressive phase – suicidal thoughts that are pretty obsessive.

It can be hard to diagnose the symptoms of manic bipolar disorder. However, it can be done if people, who live with this person, are actually attentive. A bipolar patient can tend to withdraw in the periods of depression. Besides, the best sign that something is not right is intermittent mood swings that are rapid, frequent and very different according to the mood scale.

It is very important to diagnose the symptoms of manic depression right and in time. As it has been aforementioned, in the period of depression such people can develop suicidal thoughts and hurt themselves. On the other hand, in manic periods they may lose control and hurt someone. Though, it is the minority of cases that are so extreme; for the most part the disorder makes a person himself suffer the most. However, timely help and assistance is important for bipolar people.

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