Healthy Eating for Your Joints

Knee joints are like indispensable pillows for our bone system. Each knee joint works as a buffer for cartilage. Synovial fluid has important functionality; with its help we are able to move our bones over as well as around each other. This is the essential reason why it is necessary to take care of them.

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Scientists say that every single joint pain or infection is related to either the synovial fluid or the cartilage. So whenever you have that kind of complaints you’d rather take synovial fluid analysis test.

Lots of people are convinced that joint pain is specific for elderly people; however, the truth is that anybody can be affected. Of course, elderly people and professional athletes are especially vulnerable to such problems.

You understand that it is much easier to prevent health issues than to cure them. If you know that you have a predisposition to this kind of disease or you are an athlete or work in such conditions that you regularly have to handle high pressure on your knees you should be more attentive and take appropriate steps to boost your immune system, paying more attention to your joint health.

Those steps include a number of activities along with right diet for your knees. Yes, diet can help a lot! There are a number of foods that are not only easy to buy from groceries, but are also super helpful for strengthening knees or reducing joint pain.


Do you like eating salmon? If you don’t, you should definitely start doing so, as salmon is actually helpful in bolstering bones. The fish is a natural source for calcium, vitamin D and other important minerals responsible for your skeleton’s strength. Positive news is that you don’t have to buy fresh fish necessarily; you will get the healthy stuff even from canned salmon.


From scientific point of view it is not the cherry itself from which you get the healthy stuff but a certain chemical that turns cherries red. The specific chemical is called anthocyanins. This means not only cherries but any richly colored fruit, like berries, pomegranates, are good for your knees and joints. Eat them as much as you can, especially if you have gout. They can help to reduce joint pain from injuries or arthritis.


Apple is a huge source of antioxidant called quercetin, which plays an important role in collagen formation The latter is essential for healthy joints. But apples are irreplaceable for another peculiarity. They contain big amount of magnesium, which is capable of forming hyaluronic acid in our body. This acid is produced only internally, so eating an apple per day can boost its levels.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Many of us have heard about how valuable it can be for our body to use olive oil on a regular basis. It is full of healthy and useful elements for the whole body, including lubricin, a protein that increases the ability of synovial fluid to protect the surrounding cartilage. If you have difficulties taking extra-virgin olive oil by spoonfuls, you can add it to salads or pasta: it will have the same effect.


Despite being rally tasty, walnuts are a perfect source for huge amount of omega 3 acids. However, you should remember that they are high in calories as well, so, besides huge amount of acids you will also get huge amount of unwanted pounds.

Garlic, onion

You can easily protect your joint simply using garlic, onions, and even leeks. They can be an organic source for sulfur, which is rather important for joints.

In the end it is worth mentioning that one should treat their knees and joints carefully so that they will serve us properly in return. With the help of those products you will be able to improve your entire immune system and strengthen joints and knees health in addition.

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