Types of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a more frequent condition that it seems to be actually. It includes other conditions that refer to mood changes and irregular emotional states.

These states can vary pretty much in the emotional range. It can be depression and euphoria, and these states do differ a lot. It can happen that a person’s moods change on a regular basis a great deal and this can create a certain problem for a person who experiences the disorder. It can complicate a life of a person really a lot if the condition is left untreated and symptoms neglected. It also depends on the types of bipolar disorder, how hard the symptoms are and how are they supposed to be handled.

There are several types of bipolar disorder but here we are going to discuss the four main ones.

The first type in the list of types of bipolar disorder is Bipolar I. Its main characteristic feature is that manic periods are prolonged and extreme and depression is not the main thing here. The particularity of this disorder type is that manic periods can be very severe and dangerous for a health and well-being of a person actually.

The second in the types of bipolar disorder is Bipolar II. This type is the opposite of the first one. It is actually characterized by the prolonged periods of depression and very short periods of mania. In medical terms they are called hypomanic episodes. Besides, even their course is rather mild and especially in comparison to Bipolar I mania periods.

Cyclothymic disorder is the third in the types of bipolar disorder and it is characterized by the interchange of depression and mania periods which are basically very mild. They are likely to develop into a worse condition if being neglected.

Unspecified bipolar disorder is an interesting one among the types of bipolar disorder. It does not fit into any category and actually is temporary in character. It is possible that a person recovers from this condition fully if proper care is taken about it.

Bipolar disorder may be very exhausting and unpleasant and frequently represents a certain problem both for a person suffering from it and his or her surroundings. However, it is not contagious and is not transmitted by any means. It refers to mental disorders and should be treated accordingly with the help of psychological therapy of some kind.

There is one distinctive feature of bipolar disorder – it is rather hard to be diagnosed. It is also not easy to say from the first sight what types of bipolar disorder can be here. However, it is better to offer a treatment for a person and especially if he or she is your friend or close relative or the like. The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the more chances for recovery are.

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