Mosquito Bite Infections Facts

Mosquitoes are utterly unpleasant – it is universal truth. No one likes them and easily enjoys their company apart from Buddhists and entomologists, perhaps.

These insects got their names either from Portuguese or maybe Spanish. “Mosquito” basically means little fly and at the moment it is considered to be the most dangerous species in terms of different infections and diseases.

Mosquitoes are considered to be the malaria transporters in the first place. It is actually one of the most dangerous mosquito bite infections. Earlier in Europe it was a real disaster and one of the worst suffering places was London until its surrounding mashes were drained and the air became healthier. Before that malaria (or bad air) was a frequent and very disturbing problem.

It is female mosquito insects that are considered blood-sucking. However, they do not attack only humans. Dogs, actually, do suffer quire a lot from these insects as well.

They do it in the period when females are pregnant and need animal protein for the eggs production. The rest of the time (and male insects all the time) they are pretty happy about flower nectar. However, taking into consideration the speed with which new mosquitoes appear, they breed very fast.

Mosquito bite infections are transported when a female mosquito that is infected draws blood from a person and leaves some parasites in the blood stream. Apart from malarial there are other mosquito bite

It is not necessarily that a person bitten by an infected mosquito will fall ill with malaria immediately. It is possible for a healthy person to be able to fight off the parasites that appeared in the blood stream in the result about fifty mosquito bites. All this in the period of twenty-four hours.

How the mosquito bite infections spread is when a mosquito draws blood from an infected person and then draws blood from a healthy person, therefore, making him of her sick. This is a great problem of African countries nowadays. WHO together with other health care agencies distribute mosquito nets in order to protect people from the bites as the most of the bites happen indoors and during night time.

But mosquito nets are not actually the best solution. It has been noticed that the insects develop immunity to these nets treated with pesticide and the cases of malaria therefore get worse to cure. In some cases when it took 3 days for a person to get better, now it is 5. It is a disturbing tendency. Malaria and other mosquito bite infections are nowadays responsible for many deaths in Africa and if this tendency develops, there may be more.

It should also be taken into consideration that mosquitoes do not travel far away from the place of their hatching. It is generally depends on the species but they do not go further than 5-10 kilometers. In fact, they mostly travel about a couple of meters but in some cases with the help of wind they can get 50 km away and so mosquito bite infections with them.

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