How Hypnosis Works

Everyone has heard of hypnosis and many even experienced it. However the notion is misinterpreted. It is believed that a person enters some state of trance or the like and it is a great entertainment for the onlookers.

However, the process is different and this is not exactly how hypnosis works. It is frequently used in other purposes than entertainment. It is a frequent method included in psychological therapy sessions. Hypnosis gives access to a person’s unconscious and this produces curing effect as well as helps a person to understand him/herself better and etc. Hypnosis is used and very effectively for losing weight and quitting smoking as well as pain relief.

Many people are interested in how hypnosis works. The whole idea is a mysterious one. But it is not a state of trance as it is. A person is in the heightened sense of awareness and his or her free will is not suppressed anyway. However, a person is persuaded easier and is relaxed. When it comes to imagination and creativity, they disclose to their full extent.

Some people think that hypnotized people are asleep but actually they are not. The way hypnosis works it resembles the situation when a person is completely lost in the book or a movie but everything is much more realistic. A hypnotist’s suggestions and commands seem absolutely real. That is why people can start impersonating an animal if they are told that they are one.

How hypnosis works – it actually gives more way to the unconscious; which is way more powerful. Conscience is the part that limits the abilities of a brain. It is unconscious that tells us that things are not right and what should be done and what decisions are to be made. But we are used to listen to our mind, which is sober and realistic and bases its conclusions on facts rather than on intuition. This is not always the best way to act, however. In many cases our subconscious is right and we should have listened to it in the first place. We get liberated and therefore more ourselves when we are not restrained by out conscience. How hypnosis works – it allows us getting access to what is hidden and hard to reach. That is why it appears to be so helpful in many therapies.

It is also very interesting to know how hypnosis works in terms of brain functioning. Actually, a body does not undergo any physical changes as it is. The most noticeable things are heart rate that is more relaxed and also breathing is lighter and a person is generally more relaxed than he is in a normal state. However, slight changes in the brain activity can be noted. EEGs show different brain waves while a person is not asleep; he is alert and is involved in the process of thinking.

It should be noted, however, that in order to carry out a hypnosis session a professional is required. It is very dangerous to try to get access to a person’s subconscious without any idea how it works and what the consequences can be.

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