Zinc is Effective for Treating Hair Loss

Zinc is a mineral which performs many crucial functions in the body. These roles are vital for the hair growth. Zinc is responsible for reproducing cells, absorbing vitamins (those crucial vitamins needed for hair loss), controlling protein synthesis and hormones.

While all these functions are important, there is one which is of high importance in the way zinc assists the body to control hormones, in particular testosterone. Watching the levels of testosterone zinc helps to keep the precious hair, and grow new strands!

We are aware now that zinc helps to prevent hair loss. The question arises how to get necessary amount of zinc? The most effective option is to consume food rich in zinc. Foods with high content of zinc include shellfish, veal liver, wheat germ, peanuts and squash seeds. Actually, there are some issues concerning getting zinc from the food you eat. The main problem is that our bodies absorb a very small quantity of zinc from foods, which is about 25-30% on average. The other issue is that the food you eat with zinc products affects the way zinc is being absorbed. Fiber as well as calcium is known to prevent the total absorption of zinc by the body. In fact, calcium fights with zinc for absorption while fiber and zinc always bind together and eventually all the zinc you consumed with food ends in toilet.

With zinc consumption through the food rich in zinc, it is often lost. Getting zinc with supplements is actually a sound choice. As a matter of fact, most of the zinc supplements are not considered as a hair thinning product but they help to fight against common hair loss problem and promote better hair growth. Another way to ensure that your organism gets all the necessary zinc is to use hair growth supplements which contain zinc and other essential vitamins helpful for hair loss, like biotin and b6. It won’t be difficult as best hair loss treatments usually have a wide range of minerals and vitamins that will make your hair luscious and sexy.

Remember that the daily zinc amount should not exceed 15mg a day because overdose may produce side effects not just on hair growth but on the entire body as well.

Keep in mind that you can achieve really healthy hair only if your body is healthy. Actually, thick hair generally comes from healthy scalp, that’s why you should consider the proper hair and head hygiene.

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