Obesity in Children – Weight Loss For Kids

Several years ago, most people considered that a chubby kid eating a hamburger is cute. Now, if we see a chubby kid eating pizza we are horrified as we know that overweight causes awful consequences. As a matter of fact weight loss for kids should become a family commitment.

The risks of childhood obesity begin in the family, and it should end also in the family. The common risk factors include diet, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics. If a family member is obese, this means that children are more prone to obesity. Most cases of obesity in children generally come from bad circumstance. In fact, weight loss for kids should begin with assessment of lifestyle in the family.

To know if your kid is overweight, you should consult the paediatrician. Generally, doctors tend to use the index of body mass for particular growth and age. Before starting weight loss for kids, make sure to see the doctor.

Obesity and overweight cause similar complications, including sleeping disorders, hypertension, type2 diabetes, not to mention liver diseases, asthma, early puberty and skin infections. Overweight often causes such psychological problems as depression, behavioural and learning problems, and low self esteem.

The first step in weight loss for kids is to make certain changes in the diet. A balanced diet should include protein from fish, meat, carbs from grains; dairy products, fruits and vegetables for minerals and vitamins. Foods rich in sugar like donuts and candy bars are to be avoided. Weight loss for kids should incorporate 25-50 grams of mono-unsaturated oils. In fact, fat is essential as it helps to absorb vitamins E and A. it is important for parents to remember that weight loss for kids should consider constant development and growth of the kid.

As a matter of fact, parents ought to encourage their children to participate in such sports activities as soccer, tennis, track and field, basketball, and various martial arts. Luckily, most of sports activities mentioned above are included in school activities. If you cannot afford attending these activities, it is a nice start for weight loss for kids to find time and play or walk with your children in the park.

Actually, weight loss for kids may be a rather difficult decision and it depends not only on the parents but on the willingness of a kid to participate. All in all, the kid should know about the relevance of weight loss for kids and its benefits on the health.

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