Types of Meditation

Meditation is almost indispensable in the world toady to the fighting and competition. Different types of meditation in the yoga with the practice of asanas and Pranayamas. Practice how to select different kinds of meditation, it is necessary to a regular schedule. Success and happiness comes in the field of spiritual practice and patience.

Let the company peep into certain aspects of meditation species in the current scenario:

Breath And navel and meditation

It is the oldest registered in China and in India and one of the best known and most other types of meditation. It involves the control of breath through various techniques of breathing. You do in a stance and focus on your breathing, the nose, or even on your belly

Walking meditation

Walking Meditation is one of the types of meditation, which consists of your mind when you are walking. It is not easy, this kind of meditation, but with practice it can be of great advantage. In plain English the name itself, this type of meditation with a focus on your own feet. If your soul away from your not, you will need again.

Meditation Transcendental

It is discussed and studied a type of meditation. This type of meditation helps to increase intelligence and creativity. In this technique, you do not need to grips with technical difficulties in breathing or certain postures. You need the seat in a posture or even on a chair.

Travel meditation

This kind of meditation with visualization for you to a meditative state. Those who are able to display case at the beginning rather the choice between different types of meditation. It is important to note the things that cause anxiety, stress and fatigue. You close your eyes and try to strive for the peaceful solution.

Vibrations Meditation

This kind of meditation with the repetition of a word or one that is the focus of her meditation. The vibrations are derived from the word or its way through your body. What you do need to focus on nothing else but singing the word or sound over and over again. It is one of the differences between different types of meditation.

Body scan meditation

Body scan meditation is very useful for people who have no time for other types of meditation. They need longer, and focus on the parts of the body of your right toe to your hair.

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