Nightmares in Adults

Perhaps, everyone experienced nightmares at least once in life. It is frequently happen in childhood; while adults do not face these unpleasant and disturbing, even frightening dreams that much. At least it is supposed that nightmares in adults are not so frequent. In fact, adults suffering from nightmares compound about 5-8 percent and these are women for the most part.

Under nightmares are understand disturbing dreams that make a person feel scared and anxious and evoke the state of rather strong distress. They are a bit different from night terrors as the latter cannot be recalled afterwards. Nightmares as singular events are not a reason for a worry; however, if they repeat and tend to recur, it is the reason to seek for help and counseling.

Nightmares in adults happen in the phase of sleeping that is called the Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This is a period when a person sees dreams and they are the most realistic. That is why nightmares in adults are so frightening sometimes. A woken-up person frequently is unable to tell the difference between the real world and what he dreamed about.

Some researchers claim that nightmares help our mind to free itself from all the unwanted information. It makes our sub-conscious clearer. However, it is also sort of stress and creates a lot of discomfort for a person who sleeps, especially if it happens frequently.

There are a lot of causes for nightmares in adults. It is very frequently that some trauma or stress or some terrifying experience brought all these dreams. It might be an accumulation of fears and anxieties of a person as well.

In order to get rid of nightmares in adults it is important to find out the reason that evokes them. It might be a side-effect of a medication and in this case it is recommended to terminate the administration. In case of traumatic experience and stress, counseling may be of help. Post traumatic stress syndrome nightmares can be alleviated frequently only with the help of a specialist. In less serious cases meditation and relaxation techniques can be of assistance and such practices as yoga. It is also recommended to avoid watching horror films and the ones with a lot of violence in them in order to avoid having nightmares in adults.

It is helpful to share nightmares with friends if they are just occasional; however, recurring ones are better dealt with. There are a lot of different psychological therapies that can handle them.


  1. I have nightmares about something coming into my bed and attack me and I can’t hardly move or speak .. it is very scary .. my husband says I mumble help me .. over and over .. I had one just last night . Disturbing experience

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