The Surprising Psychological Benefits of Music

Nowadays, as we live in the era of modern technology, almost everybody has their own device with headphones, and when they need to listen to music, they just turn it on and listen. But what is the reason why we listen to music? Why do we need it?

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The reason is in our psychology. Music can help us overcome difficulties; it cheers us up, stimulates us to work or even makes us relax. We listen to music because it helps us to understand our emotions and do not feel lonely. It can give advice and show us the world. It can support us every time we need it. And the kind of music we will listen today depends only on the way we feel today and what we need today. But it works also in an opposite direction.

You can create your mood yourself! It is so easy! Have you ever heard about athletes who create their fighting spirit by listening to appropriate music? Do you know why, when you call to some services and you have to wait for the answer of an operator, the pause is usually filled with the piece of classical music? Remember when you come to the shop to buy some fashion clothes, what music do you hear? Some recent hits probably? All these examples show us how the mood can be manipulated.

Let’s see, how different genres of music can influence our psychology.

Classical Music

Classical music has an ability to calm people down and make them relax. It helps to reduce irritability, nervous excitement and aggressiveness. Also, classical music can stimulate our brain activity and make us think clearer and faster. Surprisingly, listening to such music is a free and effective way to combat insomnia. In 2006 scientists from Hungary tested ninety-four 19-28-year-old students, who had problems with sleep. It turned out that 45 minutes of classical music at bedtime made them sleep better and after 3 weeks of research they had no insomnia. Their sleep was deep and calm.

Jazz Music

One of the most interesting genres is jazz. It positively affects the brain, and also puts person into some state of trance. The impact of jazz music on the body opens the way to self-expression and creativity. That’s why we watch such films as La La Land, The Great Gatsby, and Some Like It Hot with great pleasure, they help to relax and let us enjoy beautiful jazz music. A study made by the U.K. Journal of Advanced Nursing showed that jazz music can relieve pain and stop a headache, improves memory and stimulates production of endorphins.

Pop Music

Pop music stimulates our activity, makes us move and cheers us up. It is well-known that pop music usually has simple sound and simple lyrics; it is catchy and does not require special knowledge to decipher the message. Such music has an anti-stress effect. Also, you can notice an improvement in mood while listening to popular music. Due to these effects you can often hear pop music in shops. It helps us to enjoy our shopping and clear thoughts. The study made by The Journal of Positive Psychology showed that if you listen to music with positive message every day you will feel better and you will able to do more during a day.

Rock Music

Rock music gives us adrenaline and energy boost. Rock music, like classical music, improves the work of our brain. It also puts us in some kind of trance, forces us to forget about our concerns and makes us feel the music (the frequencies of rock music vary from really low to very high). The reaction of thought and memory improves. You can often hear rock songs in gym. They help us to work harder and longer. The experts from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, the USA proved that people who listen to music while working-out has more endorphins in blood. They make us feel satisfied with our work and reduce muscle pain after doing sport.


Usually rap songs are about the obstacles and hardships that people face in life. And that’s the reason why such songs are so popular. Positive rap helps to raise the mood, causes a desire to communicate with others, and pushes to activity. Aggressive tracks are perceived as a symbol of rebellion. In the case of positive rap things are different. They can help to get rid of apathy or just bad mood. In addition, quite often fans of rap are people who are not able to find a suitable way of self-expression. Thus in Tucson, Arizona, Usiel Barriois founded a school called “ELEMENTary Hip-Hop Skool”. The aim of this school is to help youths with leadership skills, encourage positive self-expression and to foster a sense of unity with the help of rap and hip-hop music.

Music is a pure power. Music is a great source of energy, emotions and thoughts. Music follows us everywhere and every time. We can say with confidence that music has captured the entire world. We cannot imagine our life without it. All the genres and all the songs are so different like colors of the rainbow! Do not forget it and use this knowledge to make your life brighter!

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