Usual Alcoholic Beverages Lead to a Real Risk of Cancer Development

A Friday night is definitely one of the most expected days of the week. It’s quite natural that most people prefer having some rest in night clubs, restaurants or at home with some amount of alcohol to feel relaxed. Do you have such a popular habit? If your answer is “Yes”, you should read further.

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What’s the danger of having even modest amounts of alcohol in your drinks? Scientists tell us there has been a recently found proof that strong drinks and a number of cancer forms are related.

Drinking is proved to be a real cause of this most killing disease. Based on statistics of National Cancer Institute in the USA, there estimated to be 3 percent of cancer deaths related to alcohol. It is said that drinking liquor boosts the risk whether you drink it in frightening quantities or a bit one time a week. The Million Women Study in Great Britain  has reported of high breast cancer risk connected to alcohol consumption, even at low levels. 28000 associates took part in that survey. So the moral is quite clear: the more alcohol you drink, the higher the risk of cancer you have. Maybe it’s your time to stop as alcohol beverages lead to accidents and damage, extensive blood pressure, and a number of other diseases including pancreatitis. Hangover is not such a pleasant condition to have, either. It will be easier to make a decision when you reveal at least a couple of advantages  of alcohol-free life.

Benefits from giving up alcohol

  • You will start sleeping better especially if you have to get up early. Your body will definitely thank you as you will be active, productive and in a positive state of mind throughout a day.
  • Saving money is another great advantage. Have you ever counted how much you actually spend on alcohol? Without any doubt the sums are enormous! Just try to imagine what you could buy instead. If you can’t afford you hobby or a family weekend, this is the point where your savings should start.
  • A nice chance to get rid of a beer belly. You will have more time and energy to start doing sports and avoid unnecessary calories.
  • Experiencing life around you and feeling real emotions. You will forget an alcoholic stimulated excitement, a sharp pang of fury and aggression and silly behavior.
  • Say no to premature aging. You look at least 5 years older when your nasty habit is drinking alcohol.
  • Find time to learn interesting and important things. As a result you’ll be able to promote your career, improve your communication skills and make some of your dreams come true.

Alternatives to strong beverages and emotions they give

  • First of all, try healthy drinks like smoothies, fresh juice and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. Always drink at least 2 liters of fresh water a day, it will change everything. Enough hydration is a number one key to a great life.
  • If you get tired and struggle at your office 5 days a week, you, probably are likely to seek for a good and simple way of relaxation. Yoga is a nice choice, it helps to reduce muscle tension and clear your mind. If it seems too complicated to you, experiment with other relaxation techniques: reading a nice book, watching a film in a good company, tasting calming tea blends or just sleeping quietly.
  • Have a nice walk in the park in the company of your loved ones or just alone. Mother Nature is a great source of relaxation, inspiration and joy.

It goes without saying that alcoholic drinks seem to be within everyone’s reach. Such a choice is considered to be an easy way of switching your attention from long hours working to the oncoming weekend. Being a smooth path to immediate relaxation, it’s the easiest way to get cancer as well. Is alcohol worth its price?

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