Yoga Classes for Chronic Back Pain: a Miracle or a Reality?

We’ve been observing growing popularity of yoga classes worldwide for a few years. Most of us stay rather skeptical as it seems like a new tendency enjoyed by celebrities. What makes this ancient practice interesting indeed is scientists’ points of view and numerous researches. They tell us that yoga can be a key point in treating really bad states of health. Let us examine how just doing yoga is able to improve your not so optimistically looking problems with back.

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A great number of world population is suffering from chronic back pain. Our busy lifestyle is an ideal path to this quite serious and painful condition. We work mostly at offices sitting in front of computers for hours, we relax in a couch potato style, there is a lack of activity and stressful situations don’t give us any positive feedback. Such a life is ruining our backs. To say more, people affected by back pain don’t have many variants on how to deal with the problem. There comes the most frequent decision is to start a course of pain killers that will create a new addictive habit.

Back pain affects not only our bodies but mind

According to Medical News Today, back pain can spoil your health at any age. But it is more commonplace among adults aged from 35 to 55 years. Researchers report that our backs are complex structures of bones, muscles, tendons, discs and ligaments. If you lifted something improperly or your movement was abrupt, you are in the league with people experiencing back pain.

After six months or more on muscle relaxants and opioids people still feel constant pain. Affected people continue working long hours and lifting toddlers or heavy things. The truth is that things are not getting better.

How can yoga change your health?

The first step to recovery is creating a new routine. Taking a walk on lunch break will get you some relief. Then comes a recommendation to try a yoga back-care class.

The American College of Physicians has recently confirmed the ability of special kind of yoga to improve back situation. Scientists came to such conclusion reviewing different treatments for back pain. The thoroughly done research has shown that medications promise to give small to moderate improvements. So it is advised to try massage, acupuncture and yoga instead.

Why not give yoga a go?

Numerous researches have proved the power of this practice in relieving back soreness and improving flexibility. Yoga is even able to reduce or finally abolish the use of pain medication. There was published a survey in the Annals of Internal Medicine. One group of patients was taking physical therapy, a second was trying yoga. 70 percent of participants were taking medications. The study lasted for 3 months. At the end of the experiment it became clear that only the yoga subjects could reduce amounts of pills noticeably. It signifies that yoga can influence your mental state and its power to moderate the suffering. Yoga helps:

  1. Exercises decrease physical pain.
  2. Needed amount of oxygen reaches the brain.
  3. Yoga practice improves energy levels and your personal state of well-being.
  4. Doing yoga makes your level of distress lower.
  5. It is able to show you how to cope with depression.

You can get more information in the book “Yoga for Pain Relief” by Kelly McGonigal.

In case traditional therapies for back pain are mostly ineffective, yoga is a good way to treat your condition. Before joining in any yoga class you should find out more about appropriate classes for you. Among highly recommended in this case are Iyengar yoga and Bikram or Hot yoga.

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