Step to Understand Dyslexia

Dyslexia literally means ‘trouble with words’. The Cambridge dictionary gives the following definition of dyslexia – a condition that affects the brain, which makes it difficult for someone to read and write.

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Dyslexia is one of those diseases, the symptoms and diagnosis of which does not seem difficult even for a beginner doctor. At the same time, modern science only makes small checkers in understanding the nature of this ailment.

As with many similar disorders in the Middle Ages, the causes of dyslexia were considered to be the extrusion of the higher powers, the tribal curse and even punishment for disobedience to parents. It is good that the era of evidence-based medicine has come …

How many people suffer from AIXELSYD

According to Dyslexia International, 5% to 10% (700 million ) of people have some symptoms of dyslexia, such as slow reading, trouble spelling, or mixing up words. Dyslexia is treated by neurologists and psychiatrists. Development of dyslexia linked to genes, that is why the condition often runs in families. A person more likely to have dyslexia if his parents, siblings, or other family members have it.

Everything is not so simple …

The University of Rennes recently published the result of a new large-scale aetiology of dyslexia. The object of the study was the cone cells. They act as a receptor that perceives red, blue, and green. In healthy people, they are localized not symmetrically in the right and left eyes, which allows you to perceive complex polygonal light sources that are absorbed differently in each eye. The brain chooses an image from one eye – and in the long run, it leads to the development of the “dominant” eye on which the brain relies. In dyslexia people’s conical cells are located in symmetric loci. Thus, the centre of view in the brain receives identification information from the left and hand sides.

To understand why this is a problem, imagine that your brain perceives “b” and “d” or “3” and “E” as the same, and remember how at the time of reading you meet the letters “b” and “e”, the number “3 “and the letter” E “and at the same time do not perceive the difference between them. This leads to incorrect perceptions of information. As in most of these cases, the disease is hereditary. Children receive from their parents’ genes of the dyslexic carrier that may appear in them according to Mendel’s laws.

Small steps

Even if the published information does not allow the cure for dyslexia now, this is the discovery of a direction in which to work in the future. For example, now physicists and ophthalmologists can work on creating lenses that will allow you to “locate” cone cells in the right way.
This is a step towards understanding that the manifestations of dyslexia are a manifestation not only of the pathology of the central nervous system but of the perception organs.

Dyslexia in the Art

By the way, if you are interested in a topic of dyslexia then you should watch the movie Ortho! directed by Nathalie Sartiaux or Like Stars on Earth directed by Aamir Khan. Also, there are many interesting artists with dyslexia, looking at the works of which you can delve into this wandering world.

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