Vitamins for Hair Loss

As a matter of fact there are numerous types of vitamins for hair loss.

Surely, manufacturers tend to claim their vitamins work, but you should be cautious with such claims as there might be bogus hair growth products. Many individuals have already spent much money on various hair growth supplements and so on and discovered eventually that they are of no use. This article is a guide for you in vitamins for hair loss.

What are the factors that make your hair grow?

Everyone can suffer from hair loss. Usually people can lose up to 100 hair strands daily. If you imagine the huge stress amount the hair undergoes every day, you will realize why. Washing, brushing, combing, and environmental factors cause various hair problems, including hair loss. Lost hair is normally replaced with new hair in a cycle which has the name neomorphogenesis. New hair strands tend to grow independently. When old hair fall out, the new ones take its place at different times, thus preventing the appearance of bald spots.

Hair follicles may undergo the procedure of allowing the connected strand of hair to fall without making a new one to replace it. This is actually the point when bald spots show up and hairline is receding significantly. Gender, race, age, as well as genetics play crucial roles in tendency to lose hair and have bald spots.

How to prevent hair loss?

It is the good news for the female part of our society that the problem of hair loss is more typical for men in comparison to women. This happens because of the androgen DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) found in men. It is able to destroy hair follicles and stop new hair production. There are androgens in women too, however the increased estrogen concentrations (estrogen is a female hormone), in women’s body works to protect hair follicles. Estrogen prevents them from destruction caused by the activity of androgens. Actually it is after the menopause when women can start showing significant hair loss.

Vitamins for hair loss are of much help to ensure you won’t lose too much hair. You should be sure that the vitamin for hair loss you want to buy contains the DHT inhibiting components which work to prevent the Dihydrotestosterone from destroying healthy follicles. One of the DHT inhibiting agents is the well known saw palmetto. There are specifically designed vitamins for hair loss for women that have DHT inhibiting agents that maintain the natural hormone balance.

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