How to Cope with Stress and Hair Loss

The modern world has a hectic character, and stress is a part of our life. There is stress involved in simple, everyday living and it’s an inconceivable fact that stress might be removed from life. The dose of stress we get every day dose is rather terrifying and it affects the work of every body parts and system.

It is undeniable that to be happy and stressed up simultaneously is impossible. Stress goes along with anger, worries, depression and anxiety. It is not surprising that stress is attributed to many serious diseases.

To make a suggestion that stress may cause hair loss could come as amazement for many people. Stress can really trigger hair loss.

Most individuals do not understand this association as hair loss does not happen till the stressful situation which induces it is over. The onset of some stressful situation makes the follicles stop the production of hair and go in a resting stage prematurely. The follicles can stay in the resting stage for a few months during and after the period; as a result a significant hair amount will be lost. Luckily, hair loss triggered by stress is a temporary condition which will go by after the follicles restart usual hair production.

If you are combating with hair loss, effective stress management will definitely be helpful for you. Stress reduction is a great thing; however it is rather difficult to perform. Though, there are many things you may do to lower the stress impact on your health.

The primary thing you should do is to learn the dissociation art. People tend to carry their worries, fears, anxieties and emotions on the faces, so you can see stress in people’s faces all the time. Dissociation means freeing body and mind from worries and problems every day, at least for some time. Forget all the troubles even if it’s only for a moment. The thing is that the longer you keep this state, the more beneficial it is for your health. Life is much better when you don’t have worries to carry about. Relaxation allows your body to dissipate stress. Actually this is good as for the hair, as for the general health.

Another way to manage stress and hair loss is to choose a relaxation type which you really enjoy. If you admire reading, take a nice book to read when you realize that stress is building up. You may go to watch your favorite films regularly. Pick a fun activity and do away with the stress and hair loss problem.

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