Musculoskeletal Disorder Facts

Our body is a more complicated thing than we frequently think about it. It is not only a skeleton and a set of organs, it is much more complicated. Movements are possible due to the muscles and joints. They also allow us keeping balance and protect from injuries our inner organs. Musculoskeletal system consists of muscles and bones as well as tendons and joints, tissue, cartilage and ligaments.

Unfortunately musculoskeletal system is not invincible. It can be damaged and hurt and prone to different illnesses. A problem with it frequently comes on the form of a musculoskeletal disorder. It is like any mechanism bound to break down and requires care and does not bear negligence. Damage is frequently possible when environment is hostile and activities taken are hash; it is also possible when a person does not know how to take care of the system and how to avoid any musculoskeletal disorder.

It is very possible to compare musculoskeletal system with such a vehicle as a car. It is a mechanism actually where gears are joints and ligaments and cartilage stands as oiling mechanism that prevents friction and damage of inner parts. Bones represent a framework, a shell for the whole thing, where muscles work as wheels. As it was mentioned above, they are responsible for movement. It is crucial that all the parts of the mechanism work properly. It frequently happen that some parts wear and get damaged. This is what is meant under the term of musculoskeletal disorder. The illnesses of this group are never spontaneous; they tend to develop gradually when symptoms and pains intensify with time.

Let’s have a look at the causes of musculoskeletal disorder.

Any musculoskeletal disorder can be caused by different reasons. They are in the first place the factors of environment that is frequently damaging. Humidity and low temperatures are among this list. Stress and trauma can cause the condition as well. It is very strictly recommended to keep good and right posture no matter while sitting or walking or else. It is not recommended to take more work load and workout more than one’s body can endure at a time. It can cause musculoskeletal disorder to develop as well. Any activity that is repeated frequently and with the same part of the body can be damaging to it (i.e. stretching). It is very bad for a body to make it do things that it is unable to do. This refers to extreme loads and performances that are beyond a person’s ability. It is equally important for a person to get enough of rest in order to give a body time to recover from a day’s tension and stress.

All in all in the light of the aforementioned factors, a musculoskeletal disorder can be considered a result of work that is hard and demanding in the first place. The condition is frequently called Repetitive Strain Injury as well and also can be referred to as overuse injuries or repetitive motion disorders. It is not really a rare condition and a great many of people suffer from it. About 1 musculoskeletal disorder of 4 happens as a result of hard work.

Any musculoskeletal disorder is a risk for person’s health. It can have long-term or short term effects and in severe cases can leave a person fairly disabled and unable to perform many tasks and even do the job. It can start with a minor musculoskeletal disorder and develop into a debilitating condition that will change a person’s life dramatically and not in a good way. It is very important to follow all the safety instructions on the jobs that are strenuous or active. It is in the first place refers to constructions and the like. It is also necessary to pay attention to the way you sit and stand and work in general. In workouts it is recommended to take the amount of load that is enough for you, not exceeding it. On order to prevent a musculoskeletal disorder, a person should not neglect his or her health.

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