Herbs that Help Our Health and How to Grow them at Home

When we need to care for ourselves as a preventive measure or add something to our menu, herbs can be of a lot of help. Moreover, if one is interested, they can be easily planted and grown at home. In addition, growing them at home may become an enjoyable hobby for some people. So what herbs are good for our health and how do they work?

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To grow herbs one only needs containers for them and some water. Make sure the water used does not contain chlorine, for it won’t do any good to the seeds you are planning to grow. If you only have tap water in your disposal, leave it be for some time, e.g., overnight. Among other options available are rainwater, spring water or well water, the last two being the best due to minerals they have.

Where to start

Cuttings are perfectly fit for growing. Besides, one can use not only cutting from their garden, but also regular shop plants from the nearest store. Before putting plants into water one should make sure there are no leaves that would rot and poison the water on the part that will be in it and trim lower part a bit. After that just gather your patience and change water from time to time.

Among the plants that are useful to us are

  • Basil. Basil only needs warmth and light to grow in water, and a lot of water if you decide to grow it in soil. It is a delicious and health-giving addition to one’s diet.
  • Peppermint. This one is often used as a component of various medicines and is extremely helpful in case of a cold. Also, many people know and like a cooling taste it gives to tea and the same cooling effect that spreads to our body and is especially pleasant when it’s hot.
  • Rosemary. It may take time to grow, but it is definitely worth it due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Widely used as a spice or addition to tea, rosemary makes a good part of one’s home plants.
  • Thyme. This water-loving plant can dry quickly if left without water, so put it there as soon as you get your cuttings. It is good as spice and makes a good effect on our health, specifically on work of our gastrointestinal tract.
  • Oregano. Also very simple to grow, oregano will give good flavor to vegetables on one’s table. You won’t need much time to get leaves to use, and this good-looking plant will be a decoration of your kitchen, too.

While some people may not be fans of growing plants at home, it is still not a reason to not use them in one’s diet and health support. As researchers and doctors say, common herbs that are easily available to us can be a preventive measure against such diseases as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular conditions. Furthermore, many regular herbs do not only act like flavor-enhancing food components, but help to beat free radicals due to their antioxidant properties, play part in regulating our blood pressure and preventing inflammation that, in turn, leads to worse health issues, and might even play some role in controlling our weight.

Thus, herbs are definitely a thing to add to your daily ration and consider as a back-up for our health in case you haven’t done it yet.

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