How to Fix Foot Arthritis?

Foot arthritis is a common type of arthritis. The problem is that foot consists of 30 joints and 28 bones, and any of them can develop arthritis. If any of the joints is affected by arthritis, it also affects the way you move, walk and run. The foot joints that are often affected are: the ankle, the big toe, the joint of the hind foot, the ankle, and the mid foot.

The most widely spread type of foot arthritis is called osteoarthritis. Very often osteoarthritis is caused by the aging process which provokes wear out and tear on the cartilage and joints. As a matter of fact, the cartilage is wearing down, the bones start rubbing together and this leads to swelling and pain.

In fact, traumatic arthritis is one of the most common forms of osteoarthritis. It develops in patient’s foot causing serious injuries. This condition may develop even if the treatment was correct. It requires considerable time period to recover completely. The most typical forms of foot arthritis include serious sprain, broken bone and torn ligament.

There are different signs of foot arthritis, which can alert the sufferer immediately. The symptoms are pain, stiffness, tenderness, reduced mobility of the joint and swelling. All the symptoms can cause serious problems in moving and walking.

To diagnose foot arthritis properly, a thorough examination and tests are to be performed. Also the doctor will need some facts about your lifestyle and health to make an idea give clues on the seriousness of the disorder. The following step is to make a walking test. During the walking assessment, the doctor needs to test the ankle and measure the stride as well as foot strength. Diagnostic imaging tests might be necessary to diagnose the condition. The tests generally include MRI scan, CT and X-Ray.

After the total evaluation of the foot arthritis, the doctor will offer you the most appropriate plan for treatment.

There are lots of non-surgical options available, among which there are:

  • anti-inflammatory medicines
  • steroid injections
  • cane usage and foot brace
  • usage of foot and ankle support
  • physical treatment

Surgery is the final option of treating foot arthritis. Basically it is reserved for the last chance if other methods of treatment haven’t worked. The best idea in treating arthritis effectively is the early and correct diagnosis. If you feel soreness or stiffness, do not ignore the sensations. Make an appointment with the doctor as soon as you can, this will increase your chances for total recovery from foot arthritis.

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