Eyelid Eczema Information

According to the British Medical Journal “Eczema is a form of inflammation of skin, but is a reaction pattern rather than a specific disease.” Eczema can appear on different parts of human body, but today let’s have a closer look at eczema in eyelid area and find out why it appears and how to treat eczematous rash correctly without harming your health.

Eyelid eczema is an inflammatory disease of the skin, which is characterized by a polymorphous eruption on the eyelids. That literally means that eyelids get irritated, inflamed and sore. This type of eczema, as well as eczema on legs, happens most often on a female face. This disease is absolutely safe for people around, because it is a non-contagious disease.

There are many possible reasons of this disease, but the main predetermining factor is a genetic predisposition and a burdened family anamnesis.

Signs of inflammatory process and treatment modes

There is no clear conventional classification of clinical forms of eczema, but dermatologists themselves distinguish several types of this disease, depending on the localization of the disease.

So, for example, rashes in the eyelids and under the eye are called an eyelid eczema. Anyone can suffer from this disease, but most often these are 30-to-60 women who are very fond of bright make-up and use lots of cosmetic products. Unfortunately cosmetics have become a frequent cause of allergies that provokes eczema development. In addition, many common allergens as household chemicals, smoke, dust, pollen can cause eczematous rash.

The promoting factors can be as follows: malfunctions of the immune system, associated diseases of internal organs and systems, exposure to chemicals, long-term use of medications, hormonal and metabolic disorders.

Patients with eyelid eczema can suffer from hyperemia, edema and severe itching in the area of ​​the skin around the eyes and eyelids; pathological reaction of the organism is accompanied by abundant tearing; “sandpaper” and burning in the eyes. Visually the skin in the corners of the eyes and on the eyelids looks dry and sore, and very often is flaky.
It is very important to ensure hygienic care to prevent infection in the wound. Treatment of should be carried out in a medical institution, under the close supervision of a physician, as eyelid eczema can harm one of the most sensitive and important organs. With improper use of medicines, you can not only not cure eczema, but also damage your eyesight.

Possible tips on treatment

The most important thing to do is to identify the allergen and stop its effect on the delicate skin of the eyelids. During treatment period it is necessary to stop using cosmetics, except for hypoallergenic drugs recommended by a doctor. It would be smart to completely change the habitual diet and eat more healthy and whole food. After consulting with a dermatologist and ophthalmologist, it is necessary to start medical treatment of the disease. For long time corticosteroids were used to treat eczema, but recently more modern and gentle treatment modes were introduced, such as immunomodulators.

In the absence of proper treatment and hygienic care, the inflammatory process can be complicated by bacteria or fungi, which requires the use of special medications. And as mentioned above, first of all, it is necessary to identify the main cause of the disease and eliminate it, because otherwise all treatment will not have the proper therapeutic effect.

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