Grow Your Plants at Home in Water!

Some decades ago our grandmothers used to grow green onion in pots on window sills. Today the idea of ​​such a mini-garden is not out-dated at all. On the contrary, people are getting more and more interested in it, and many who care about the quality of food try to organize their own kitchen garden. The world-famous chef Jamie Oliver always uses fresh greens from his garden when cooking his delicious dishes.

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There is nothing complicated in creating a mini-garden at home. You just need to choose right containers (clear glass is most suitable) and appropriate water (tap water that stayed overnight, spring or well water). In this case, you can grow greens even without soil, but simply put it in a container with water. Here are 10 culinary plants to grow at your kitchen.

Bok choy

Chinese leaf cabbage is considered to be a unique source of C and A vitamins. If you put the bottom of the stem into the water and do not forget to periodically change it, soon you will have young leaves.


Next time when you cook a dish with stalk celery, cut off the stalks about 5 cm from the bottom. Put the remaining part in a container with water, and in 3-4 days new greens will appear! It can be used both fresh and dry – as aromatic seasoning for dishes. Change the water every 2-3 days.


Grow it in the same way as celery – leave about 5 cm from the bottom of the bulb and place in a container with appropriate water.

Sprouts of garlic

When garlic starts to sprout, it loses its heat and spiciness. Put such a garlic bulb in a bowl with water, and in a few weeks there will be fresh sprouts – an excellent addition for salads and potatoes.

Spring onion

This plant also feels quite comfortable without soil. To get fresh onion leaves, just put the bulb in a jar of water.

Chinese cabbage

A window sill and a container with water can give a second life to a stalk of the Chinese cabbage. It grows from the center, so to grow it you will need the lower part of the head.

Carrot greens

You can hardly grow roots of this plant in a jar with water, but it will work with the green part! It is enough to place the cut off tops of the carrot in a bowl of water. Use greens to cook salads, pastries, pesto and other dishes.


The green part of this plant is definitely underestimated. Meanwhile, it tastes good in soups, pies and a number of other dishes, and many well-known chefs love leek. You will soon have fresh leek if you dip the lower, white part of the stem into the water.


It is quite unpretentious and can grow even in a glass of water. Cut 4 cm of plants from the bottom and put in water – now you will always have on hand one of the essential ingredients of Tom Yum soup.


In the water this salad grows from the center of the head, so put the lower part in a jar with water. In about 3 days there will be new leaves, and in 2 weeks you can harvest!

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