Best Lose Weight Diets

It is summer time, and everybody starts thinking about their weight and figure. Most people prefer to have holidays in summer, to spend time on the beach, swimming and relaxing after a hard working year. And surely everybody wants to look great in swim suits, that?s why lose weight diets become so popular, when summer is approaching. Dieting brings a question how to lose weight and at the same time avoid tough food restrictions. As a matter of fact, the best diets are commonly based on significant reduction of fats, carbohydrates, and foods rich in calorie. Following certain diet plans you may consume foods which contain fewer calories like fruits, green vegetables and roughages.

There are popular lose weight diets which we would like to discuss.

Basically, most dieters have used the cabbage soup plan for many years. The diet plan has many variants but the easiest one is that if you are hungry and consume cabbage soup it will fill up the stomach and help you follow a low calorie diet plan. Sticking to the cabbage soup dieting you cannot eat fatty and oily food. Actually this diet plan is low in calories, which makes it one of the best lose weight diets.

Dr. Connie Gutterson was the first man who prepared the Sonoma diet. In fact, the diet includes juicy fruits, antioxidant vegetables, whole grains, almond oil and spinach. It is allowed to take some red wine. It is a proven fact that Sonoma diet is among the best lose weight diets.

It is a well known fact that slim fast diet successfully controls hunger for up to 4 hours. This weight loss diet is nutritional, balanced, and contains sufficient levels of proteins and calcium. The slim fast dieting is meant to be taken 6 times per day. Dieters may add yogurt, cottage cheese and fruits. Nuts, meats and fresh vegetables make a consistent part of the slim fast weight loss diet. In addition, the diet gives you taste and good flavor. It is considered to be best lose weight diet for teenagers.

And negative calorie diet represents a kind of diet helper. It includes a list of foods which count of net calorie is less than the calories used for digesting them. These are low fats, high roughages, vegetables and fruits. Roughage is the main content in the negative calorie eating plan. Thus, the calorie output is negative, which helps to lose excessive weight.

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