Foods to Eat and not Gain Extra Weight

Each of us who tried to get slimmer at least once asked this kind of question: What can I eat not to gain weight? Scientists also tried to answer this question and they managed to find the answer!

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This article will give you tips of what you can eat safely when following any diet or if you just want to lose some weight. These products are available almost everywhere, there is nothing exotic about them, but they will help you struggle with extra weight and stay in good shape.

Legumes and beans

Scientists all over the world unanimously declare that these foods should be included in a regular diet of those who want to lose weight. Legumes and beans decrease appetite due to the fact that they have a digestive hormone, and moreover they are an excellent source of protein, iron and fiber, but typically very low in fat! That’s why legumes and beans are a great solution to get rid of extra weight.


When people try to lose weight they usually stop eating any food containing lots of fat. But this is a wrong approach! Avocado is a great example – this is a very high-calorie product containing about 250 kcal. But it will help you regulate weight very effectively due to the fact that it contains “correct” fats that are easily absorbed by the body, as these fats have a huge amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, you can safely eat as much avocado as you wish.


Another great source of omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats is salmon. If you eat salmon at least once a week, it will help you regulate weight. Moreover, it tastes delicious! Check for great recipes here.

Brown rice

It is greatly valued for its high nutrient content. Low fat and lots of B-complex vitamins, magnesium and fiber, well-preserved due to its brown crust, make it a perfect choice for healthy diets, especially for people with heart problems.


Eggs are among the most low-calorie products. But this is not the only advantage. Eggs have an amazing ability – to suppress the feeling of hunger for a very long time. If you eat a couple of eggs for breakfast, then you will eat much less at lunch. Check here for yummy and healthy ideas.

Dark chocolate

This is one of the most pleasant products for slimming people. Despite the opinion that chocolate and a slim figure are incompatible, it is not true. Dark high-quality chocolate reduces stress level and is recommended for people on diet. But remember that only dark chocolate with a content of cocoa beans of at least 75% will be useful.

Goat cheese

This product is low-calorie and at the same time it satisfies hunger perfectly. If you eat a few slices of cheese with green tea for breakfast, you will not be hungry until lunch. 100 grams of goat cheese have only 160 kcal.


This is a grain culture supersaturated with proteins, thus satisfying hunger without excess fat at your waist. Quinoa is also rich in anti-oxidants and phytohormones that make it extraordinary healthy for human nutrition. By the way, the ancient Maya called quinoa a golden grain, in view of its great value for human health.

If you decide to follow any diet, these products will help you stay well-fed, slim and healthy. Enjoy their excellent taste and at the same time keep your slender waist and do not suffer from hunger.

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