Presbyopia Treatment Facts

Presbyopia is the condition when a person can see absolutely well long distance but experiences troubles with objects close up. It generally starts in people over 40 and is very irritating. Everything like reading a book or typing or the like is blurred and spectacles are needed. There are several options of presbyopia treatment.

First thing that doctors recommend to such patients is corrective lenses or spectacles. This is the most innocent option. Reading glasses are very popular and widely used by people for such minor tasks.

However, it is a suitable presbyopia treatment for those people who are long-sighted. In case they are not, there are either bifocals or progressive addition lenses (PAL). In the former there is a special separation line in the lens for reading; in the latter there is a gradual vision transition in case there are two vision prescription types.

Next option for presbyopia treatment is surgical. Modern medicine is able to offer the choice between the two – conductive keratoplasty surgery and monovision with Lasik surgery. The former is usually done in one eye only and it represents the change of cornea shape with the help of radio frequency. The latter is a special type of surgery that creates monovision in the eyes. As a result one of your eyes is for near vision and the other for long distance. This required getting used to and that is why a lot of opticians recommend wearing monovision lenses for a period of time before the surgery. There are cases when people could not adapt to this vision and this kind of presbyopia treatment was therefore not suitable for them.

Before you opt for any surgery it is recommended to try vision therapy as presbyopia treatment. It is considered effective in presbyopia treatment and as a preventive measure as well. Opticians prescribe it for cases then the condition is already in progress as well. It is a simple set of exercises that will take you about half an hour a day. They require determination and persistence as only in this case they can guarantee any effect.

A lot of people all over the world face the problem after they turn forty. This is, however, nowadays not such a big problem any more. There are various presbyopia treatment options and they proved to be effective.

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