How to Eat More Salads and Vegetables?

Do you hate vegetable salads, but would like to eat healthier? Perhaps you just cook them wrong. A salad is not a tasteless and dull dish, which is eaten only to start a healthy lifestyle. If you pick the right salad with the ingredients that you personally like, it can be very tasty and healthy at the same time. It is also a great idea to experiment with ways to cook vegetables (far more than just raw or boiled!)

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Read 7 simple tips below to help you make vegetables a favorite part of your diet and fall in love with them.

1. Experiment with cooking

If you don’t like something, you just don’t know how to cook it. Perhaps, since childhood you hate carrots or pumpkins. Most likely, this is because you tried them and they were tasteless or maybe you were forced to eat them by parents. However, it is worth giving the vegetables a second chance. For example, many do not like boiled Brussels sprouts and have never tried to roast it until golden brown. But it’s so much more delicious! Check out a recipe here!

If you are not a lover of raw vegetables, try to cook them in different ways: fry, roast, add in salads and bake. Experiment!

2. Do not know how to cook? Roast!

Most vegetables are much tastier if they are slightly roasted, then they taste crispy and fragrant. You can add fried vegetables to almost any dish that you cook.

3. Cook vegetables in advance so that they do not mold in the fridge

So, you bought a lot of different vegetables and greens, put them in containers and into the fridge. But it’s much smarter to chop or slice vegetables at once. Buy them, wash, chop or slice, put in a zip lock bag or an air-tight container, and then into the fridge. In this case you will be more willing to include them in your meals or even use as a light snack instead of sweets or pastries.

4. Experiment with ingredients in your soup

Almost any product can be a soup ingredient. Take your chopped vegetables out of the fridge, fry them, add garlic, onion and fragrant herbs, some liquid – water, broth, or coconut milk – and a delicious soup is ready! Check the link for inspiring ideas.

Follow these basic principles to quickly cook any soup without a recipe and experiment with ingredients.

5. Spaghetti squash is an excellent substitute for regular pasta

Squash is a sort of pumpkin, which is easily split into fibers resembling spaghetti. Unlike ordinary pasta, these “spaghetti” have fewer calories and more vitamins and nutrients. To make the dish tastier and more nutritious, you can add different sauces to a spaghetti squash, for example meat, spices or other tasty options.

6. Do not overcook vegetables

If you cook, for instance, broccoli for too long, their pleasant structure turns into a soft, tasteless and quite disgusting mass. Better cook vegetables al dente – a little stiff and crispy, so that they retain a pleasant structure, rich taste and aroma.

7. Add greens in pesto

There is a classic recipe for pesto sauce, but you can experiment with its ingredients. All you need to cook delicious pesto is olive oil, some nuts, Parmesan and any seasonal greens. Homemade pesto will be an excellent addition to fish and chicken, to pasta or it can simply be eaten with tasty bread. Olive oil, parmesan, nuts and greens are full of vitamins and taste gorgeous.

Try to cook vegetables in different ways, add seasonings and sauces, add them into your salads and other meals. Very soon you will become a real vegetable lover!

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