New Fitness Trends to Try

You may suppose that there may be nothing incredible and brand new in the sphere of sports and fitness.

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Surprisingly new fitness types emerge annually, and many modern magazines and fashionable fitness centers permeate in our lives chanting praises to healthy life style and doing sports. Not to be boring they invent new fitness types to attract more and more people.


Everybody heard about pilates. Pilates is a system of exercises set by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Originally, this was the system dedicated to improve all groups of muscles. It was a way to strengthen torso, improve coordination and feeling of balance, and to overcome stress. However, through years it underwent changes and innovations. Recently a new stream of pilates was invented called pop-pilates. A you-tube blogger Cassey Ho changed the way people have been thinking of pilates and physical exercises. Pop-pilates is aimed at combination of traditional pilates exercises with choreographed dances. One exercise follows another, it is a non-stop training which leaves no muscle untouched. Pop-pilates is not only way to keep fit; it is a propaganda of healthy eating and healthy life style without stress, depression and anxiety.


Another modern means to keep fit is gyrotonic. It is a unique system of exercises in which human body is regarded as a whole, and a backbone is the centre of it. The motto of this fitness philosophy is β€œan expansion towards life.” Gyrotonic is a conception supposed to stimulate all human organs and muscles. Being on the move – that is the true meaning of life that increases physical strengths and preserves them. Gyrotonic expansion system is a system based on seven movements of a backbone: arch, curl, sideways arch, spiral, and wave. For all the exercises special fitness equipment has been developed.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is one more way to keep fit and understand your body. Traditional asanas are combined with acrobatics and dance moves. To perform traditional asanas special hammocks that are fixed at the ceiling should be used. Thus, you are somehow suspended in the air. Fitness instructors from New York conceptualized anti-gravity yoga (as it may also be called) a decade ago. It is becoming more and more popular now as it allows making workouts more relaxing and exciting. Numerous asanas that are difficult to be performed on the ground become easier in the air.


Travelling has always been one of the most popular hobbies. In present days, it encouraged experienced travelers to make tracking one of the fitness types. People all over the world visit countries with mountainous areas to perform tracking. For tourists yearning to escape the crowd and wonder off the beaten track trekking is the best choice. Take a backpack with water, compass and camera and have a nice foot trip in mountains or in mountainous areas. If you are bad at trail orienteering, you may find an experienced instructor who will lead you and even tell you interesting facts about the area where you will be trekking.

By the way, there is a great tendency to look after heart activity while training sessions. That is why abundant devices have been invented for the sake of this purpose. Smart watches or smart bracelets that scan your pulse and count the amount of calories you got rid of while training are now of great popularity among people taking care of their health. Thanks to wearable devices, it is possible to make a personal exercise plan specifying the time of training and desirable amount of calories to lose.

You see, sports and fitness do no rest on laurels. New types of traditional sports and brand new ones emerge in this sphere to attract not only tyros but versed people as well.

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