Cinnamon Supplement Facts

It is hard to find a person who has never heard about cinnamon. It is a very popular spice in all cultures nowadays with a great many of uses and it is also a medication.

It is hard to find a person who has never heard about cinnamon. It is a very popular spice in all cultures nowadays with a great many of uses and it is also a medication.

Originally, it is bark of an evergreen tree with the scientific name of Lauraceae. This cinnamon bark is usually sold in the form of quills; it is light, sweet and fairly light in color. It comes from Sri Lanka, is called true or Ceylon cinnamon and is considered traditional and is rather costly.

Cinnamon that most people know comes from China or Indonesia and it is cheaper, darker in color and heavier. It is a bark of a similar tree that has got a name of cassia cinnamon. This is the kind of spice widely sold in the markets around the world. Cinnamon supplement is also a very popular thing.

In the list of cinnamon supplement facts there are a lot of things. Cinnamon possesses various medical properties and has long been used as a natural treatment option for different ailments. Eastern medicine knows much about it but nowadays cinnamon supplements can be bought freely and over the counter.

Cinnamon is still more used in cooking than in medicine but this does not make it less valuable. It has been proved that the spice is not can perform only as a good flavoring agent but it also can improve some of health conditions considerably.

One of the first cinnamon supplement facts is that it prevents blood from clotting exceedingly. Surely enough, blood needs to clot normally in all the cases and it is crucial if there is an injury or the like. However, excessive clotting affects negatively a healthy blood circulation process. Cinnaldehyde, a compound of cinnamon, endures that blood platelets do not clump.

Cinnamon is recommended for such digestion problems as diarrhea and vomiting, also upset stomach and nausea, etc.

In the list of cinnamon supplement facts there is one about the immune system. It is recommended to take when a person is weak and the best effect is achieved if it is combined with honey.

Besides, other cinnamon supplement facts claim that cinnamon possesses also antimicrobial properties and it can be used for such conditions for instance, that are caused by bacteria and fungi.

Cinnamon supplement facts also suggest using this product in case you have diabetes. It is capable of controlling insulin sensitivity and blood sugar due to the fact that hydroxychalcone is present in it.

Colds and coughs can be helped with cinnamon as well. A warming drink of milk and cinnamon is a great thing on long winter nights. It is nice and delicious as well as useful.

It is also a very popular belief in the list of cinnamon supplement facts that cinnamon can help you lose weight naturally. One of the most popular recipes is to mix honey and cinnamon and add water and boil. The mixture should be taken before meals every morning. It is supposed that this with accelerate fat burning process and will not allow fats to accumulate in the body.

Cholesterol and triglycerides levels can also be controlled and lowered with the help of this magic spice. This is another beneficial feature in the list of cinnamon supplement facts. Your arthritis will get better as well as your toothaches. In many cases cinnamon supplement facts suppose that cinnamon is recommended for alleviation of the symptoms of menopause and also menstruation.

Finally, cinnamon is rich in various useful things and nutrients. It contains iron, calcium and manganese as well as fiber.

Still, as with any other remedy, either natural or chemical, it is important to understand that each and every of them is able to evoke some side-effects. Coumarin that is contained in cinnamon can cause adverse effects in those who exceed the amount of the recommended intake. It is both present in true cinnamon and in cassia cinnamon as well. The latter has it even in larger amounts. It can trigger liver problems and also affect kidneys. It is forbidden to compare cinnamon with such blood thinners as warfarin as the effect will be doubled and this is fraught with serious problems. It is recommended to consult a therapist before taking cinnamon alone or in combination with other drugs.

Although it has been said that cinnamon can be helpful to diabetes, it is recommended that such patients consulted their healthcare provider before taking it as well. Cinnamon is able to make blood sugar levels drop considerably, which will be no good at all. Besides, when it comes to pregnant and nursing mothers, cinnamon is forbidden in their case as a medication option.

These were cinnamon supplement facts in brief. There is a lot more information on the account and in case you decide to try it yourself, you should still do it with caution. It is a great cooking ingredient; however, when it comes to treatment, it is always better to be wiser. Make sure you buy only safe and legal supplements; never take anything that is suspicious or disreputable – this is your health.

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