Lower High Blood Pressure Safely and Naturally

High blood pressure is a condition when an individual has a blood pressure rate higher than normal 120/80 mmHg. The causes of disorder are numerous, including vascular spasms, narrowed arteries and high blood volume. As a rule doctors prescribe such medicines as beta blockers and calcium channel blockers to reduce high BP. There are natural methods to cope with hypertension.

Among the most effective ways to decrease hypertension is to exercise regularly. Hypertension is triggered by vasospasm, which can be addressed by regular exercising. Exercise stimulates the release of hormones which help to dilate blood vessels. Apart from this it promotes better blood flow, lowering the risk of plaques. Excessive weight causes hypertension as it increases the length of blood vessels. The heart will need to pump harder so that to make blood travel faster to get to all body parts.

Garlic is known to reduce high blood pressure as it stimulates the blood circulation. Some experts say that raw garlic is more effective, and others believe that it is better to cook it to release its oils. Those who don?t like garlic may use garlic pills available at the local pharmacies.

Reduce salt intake. This is very helpful if you undergo a therapy or use other ways to lower high BP. The more amount of salt there is in the body, the more fluid the body retains. High retention of water can cause high blood pressure as the volume of blood increases. To add taste to the foods you may use spices and aromatics rather than salt to lower high blood pressure.

Increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits, and reducing the consumption of fats is an effective natural way to lower high blood pressure. Fruits as well as vegetables give fiber which lowers the levels of cholesterol. Actually, animal fat contains mostly trans fat that may provoke the atherosclerotic plaques formation. Plaques block blood arteries and does not allow to lower high blood pressure naturally.

If you experience high blood pressure, it is high time to choose and implement natural methods to lower high blood pressure. Also regular check up is needed in order to monitor the progress, and protect your health from any potential complications.

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