Useful Facts on Massage Stone Therapy

To put it simply, stone massage is a type of massage with the use of heated, flat and smooth which are put at the targeted body points. This is the easiest definition of stone therapy. Nowadays stone therapy is becoming more and more popular. It is considered that massage stone therapy serves a great energy source with healing potential.

Stone therapy involves the use of heated basalt stones and also cool sedimentary stones varied in size, temperature and shape. Basalt stones are applied to the key points of your body, so that to properly balance chakra.

In fact, different stones are used for various purposes.

7 chakra stones are basically used to reach balance in chakra centers.

To achieve deeper penetration, to loosen tightened muscles you will need warm basalt stones. If you need to decrease inflammation, cool marble stones will be best option. They are known to create a balanced and rejuvenating treatment.

Iron rich stones are heated in warm equipment and the heat contained in them helps to relax the muscle getting deeper if necessary. Stone therapy is very beneficial for many symptoms, including back pain, arthritis, insomnia, osteoarthritis and many conditions related to stress.

Basically, basalt stones are utilized in massage therapy. They are heated up to 52 C (125 F). The stones are put on the particular body points, generally the shoulders, back, between the toes, on the face and palms.

Most massage and spa centers offer stone therapy. However there are as many styles as the stones used in the process. It’s useful to make a small research about the stones before buying them.

There are many stone suppliers searchable on the web. It is considered that the best products of a kind are naturally shaped stones and hand-shaped stones.

As a matter of fact, hand-shaped stones used in massage therapy are derived from black volcanic rock. And the actual product is polished thoroughly to make it perfect for stone therapy. The stones come in different (20, 30, 50) Pcs-Basalt sets which contain varied sizes as well as shapes.

Natural massage stones are found in the nature and the majority of them were found in Peru. Massage stones from Peru retain the heat better compared to other types of stone. And these stones generally come as 38, 50 and 66 Pcs Peruvian Basalt. The sets include every stone that your therapist might need for treating the whole body. It contains large belly stones and those required for delicate zones like neck, hands and feet.

Combine the stone set with a stone warmer and you will have a stone massage set.

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