Grass Allergy

Grass is not so green and nice for everyone. People with grass allergy find it extremely annoying to be in the places where grass is. Grass smell is also a great problem. While others spend time outdoors and enjoy the sun and the warmth and the nature in full, people with grass allergy cannot do the same as grass makes them feel sick.

Grass allergy can develop basically at any age. However, it is very frequent in kids. There are a lot of cases of hereditary condition. It is also very frequent that this very allergy can be evoked by hay fever being its symptom.

Allergic reactions are very frequent in case a person comes in contact with an allergen while having a very weak immune system. Allergens cause the symptoms to develop. When grass is an allergen, they are not very different from the general allergy symptoms.

First of all, a person starts experiencing that his or her eyes started to itch and water and become red. Conjunctivitis is very likely to develop as a result. This can add to the existing symptoms also swelling.

When you have grass allergy, it is very possible that you will not be able to breathe easily. The difficulty usually comes from a congested nose and sneezing. A runny nose is a very frequent condition.

Grass allergy, as any other, makes a person extremely tired. In many cases all the person wants is sleep and he or she is unable to perform daily tasks. Headaches and fever can also accompany the condition.

Grass allergy is also characterized by dry cough and throat irritation. Besides, a person may experience itchy skin and rash appearance.

One of the main allergy triggers in grass is its pollen. As long as grass grows in spring and in summers, these are the seasons when people with grass allergy suffer the worst. You cannot spot pollen and that is why it enters the organism through the respiratory organs uncontrollable making a person sick. Allergy is all the worse when the immune system of a person is either weak or is weakened by the illness or the like.

Allergies can be mild and severe but they can develop into chronicle ones over time as well. Those people who feel that they start experiencing grass allergy are recommended to apply for professional help at once. First thing to do in this situation is also to try avoiding any contact with grass at all. The further you are from the allergen, the better. It may also be rather helpful to try using an air purifier in order to clean the air at least partially.

One of the most frequent treatments for grass allergy and other intolerances are antihistamines. They are widely prescribed and are available in different forms. Allergy is cot cured and all these remedies, however, are only able to alleviate the symptoms. There is an immunotherapy procedure that is believed to help a person get rid of the allergy itself and not only its symptoms.

Still, as it has been aforementioned, it is recommended not to get exposed to grass in order to reduce the appearance of symptoms. Immunotherapy is a good thing but it does not give immediate results even with its effectiveness being proved.

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