6 Top Apps for Fitness and Health

August is over, which means there is nice autumn weather, so we can spend more free time outside doing various types of physical activity. You have decided to work out regularly, but there is not enough time in your tight schedule or you cannot afford a personal fitness coach? In this case, fitness applications will be very handy.

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Even with a member card in the nearest gym, we do not always count burned calories, analyze our progress and keep statistics, but specifically created programs can do this. We have collected 6 best apps for active life, and you will definitely find a perfect one for you!

1. FitStar personal trainer

For iPhone and for Android

You do not have to waste money on an expensive fitness coach with this application. FitStar determines your requirements and physical condition – the app asks you some simple questions when you finish your workout. Thus, each subsequent training session becomes more and more complicated, but does not cause fatigue. Both beginners and professionals will find this app useful for active lifestyle.

2. Google Fit

For Android

It tracks your activity and provides you with access to all fitness data. This program is still not so well-thought as other apps, but Google will certainly improve its still new brain child in the nearest future.

3. Sworkit

For iPhone and for Android

No suitable fitness room nearby? No special equipment? Not even a single free minute? It just seems so! This app is designed specifically for busy people. Select your preferred style of exercises from hundreds of workouts or create your own plan. There is HD instruction and a suitable timer in each workout.

4. MyFitnessPal

For iPhone and for Android

Not only an application, but also an informative and user-friendly website that provides many tools for tracking the amount of energy we consume, and how much energy we can burn during physical activity. MyFitnessPal contains detailed descriptions of lots of beverages and products.

5. Nike + Training Club

For iPhone and for Android

It was never so easy to take care of and control your physical activity. There are more than a hundred workouts, created by Nike qualified fitness coaches for people with absolutely different physical condition. You can set your desired objective (lose weight, become fitter, increase stamina, etc.) and you’ll be suggested a specific set of workouts. Each lesson has a detailed video guide.

6. Endomondo

For iPhone and for Android

It tracks jogging, biking and some other types of outdoor sports. It is very precise and laconic at the same time. In the beginning you should answer a few questions to determine your physical condition, and afterwards you will be offered a workout plan with your preferred mode of sport activities. Challenge your friends in social nets, track your results and share them!

If you found others that helped you lose weight and stay fit, don’t hesitate to share your considerations in the comments. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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