Pros and Cons of Natural/Herbal Breast Augmentation

Choosing whether or not to use herbal breast enhancement pills must come after analyzing the pros and cons of ingestion, when discussing something as pertinent as this.

Choosing whether or not to use herbal breast enhancement pills must come after analyzing the pros and cons of ingestion, when discussing something as pertinent as this.

As with any new, under-studied product, one has to wade through a lot of misinformation, on both sides of the aisle, to find solid information.  Thus, listed below is a presentation of the benefits and risks of using natural breast enhancers.


Some of the benefits of using natural breast enhancement pills are not unlike the positives involved in drinking herbal tea, or taking herbal supplements, or any other natural remedy.  Others have to deal with time, physical health, and money.

The herbal pros are clear:  a therapeutic detoxification of the body happens with the intake of useful herbs.  Furthermore, taking these pills orally leads to a less expensive, safer, quicker method of gaining breast size than hormone replacement therapy.  Similarly, the risks and price are slashed a lot when compared to the thought of breast augmentation surgery.  They may not be perfect, but these pills provide the safest substitute to enlarging breasts.


The risks linked with natural herbal breast enhancement are difficult to explain. The potential side-effects are grave and oftentimes life-threatening, but very rare.  There has yet to be a thorough study of these pills, so the possibility of unknown side effects exists.  As of now, only a few risks are identified about these pills.

Another example of the disadvantages: a boost in estrogen leads to a higher risk for developing breast cancer.  Also, it is possible to experience a change in skin pigmentation when taking these pills.  Finally, breast enhancers increase the likelihood of developing fibrocystosis and various types of endometrioses.  While these side effects are rare, they are also hazardous and life threatening.  This must be considered carefully before going forward with taking these pills.

Now the question remains:  do the pros outweigh the risks of taking these pills?  Before taking these pills orally, one must realize that they are poles apart from your average herbal supplements.  While they include many of the same advantages, they also have more of a percentage of damaging side effects.  But, if you are dead set on growing breast size, these pills are a safer bet than both hormone replacement and surgical augmentation.  Just consult a close relative or a doctor before you decide to ingest these pills on a regular basis.

It is obvious that not all of these pills make empty promises and provide no results.  While it is true that there are many posers on the market who do nothing for you, a quick internet research will provide you with testimonials to the effectiveness of certain flagship brands.  However, none of these pills come without their side effects.

The risk always lies under the surface, no matter how rare it is to encounter a problem with natural herbal breast enhancers. The pills may be the safest method for breast enhancement available, but users must still proceed with vigilance and care.


  1. I have looked through too many articles that turned out to be advertisements. Others that were way too "Unicorns and rainbows" to be any where near realistic.

    This was a fair and as detailed as it could (given the lack of evidence) and written clearly and to the point. Thanks for writing this!

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