Adult Obesity and its Effects

According to the statistics, the rates of obesity have quadrupled. And they are rising continually, it is essential to educate the society about adult obesity dangers in attempts to change the tendency.

People are aware that obesity is a very unhealthy condition. However many people miss the fact that obesity can cause extremely dangerous and unhealthy health problems. In fact adult obesity is the main risk for most severe and chronic diseases.

The common health risk trigger by adult obesity is not about physical effects. The main risk is about psychological effects. Recent studies have proven that obese or overweight people are actually more prone to having low self esteem. At times low self esteem may become severe resulting in eating disorders, depression, or even suicidal thoughts.

However, obesity is not only a cosmetic trouble as many people think. In addition to devastating psychological damage, adult obesity may trigger a significant physical damage, raising the risks of developing various diseases and illnesses. According to the research about 300 thousand deaths every year in America are attributed to obesity. As a matter of fact obese individuals increase the premature death risks by 50% in comparison to people of a normal weight.

In most cases premature death happens due to a heart attack. What are the causes of heart problems? Generally, heart attacks may be triggered by hypertension; and this condition is two times more common in people with obesity. Adult obesity is often attributed to high levels of LDL cholesterol, which highly increases the risk of developing different heart problems and, in particular, heart attack.

Obese people are not only under high risk of having a heart attack; they are more prone to developing diabetes and different forms of cancer. The experts speculate that being overweight by 11-18 pounds doubles the risks of diabetes type 2. Obesity poses immense risk of having some forms of cancers like kidney, colon, endometrial, gall bladder, breast and prostate cancer.

The disorders mentioned above are only a small part of the numerous diseases that overweight people are prone to develop. Among other conditions we should name liver disease, breathing problems, venous insufficiency, arthritis and so forth.

You should learn as much as possible about adult obesity and its effects to be able to protect yourself and the family. It is possible to avoid obesity problems following a healthy diet plan and doing physical exercises regularly.

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