Obesity Problems Can Become Fatal for Your Health

As a matter of fact obesity is the number one cause of deaths all over the world. The thing is that obesity can be prevented. For instance, in Europe about one million fatal cases happen every year which are related to obesity.

A person is thought to be obese if his or her body mass index exceeds 25.0. The thing is that the more obese you become the higher the risks of developing fatal health problems. If the body mass index is 30-35 the life expectancy might reduce by 2-4 years. Those people who have BMI which is over 40 reduce the life expectancy by 10 years.

People experiencing obesity problems are more prone to developing heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes as well as breathing problems. Obesity is also associated with some cancer types and osteoarthritis. The common cause of obesity problems is insufficient activity and excessive calorie consumption. Actually, there are some other conditions which may trigger obesity, including gene disorders, psychiatric disorders and medication but they indeed account for a small rate of the cases.

Over the last time the number of people with obesity problems has risen greatly. Actually millions of people nowadays tend to lead rather sedentary style of life. Most tasks which people often performed in the past are now mechanized making us less demanding physically. Thus, fewer calories are used to perform the task than it used to be in the past. Younger people especially show a tendency to spending their free time watching TV or playing video games instead of participating in sports and other physical activities.

On average people nowadays consume more calories compared to the previous years. According to the recent studies there is a connection between the high rate of fast food intake, and raised number of obesity cases. An interesting fact is that a large amount of the calories come from the intake of carbohydrate rather than fat consumption. Actually people tend to drink more sweet and soft beverages than they used to. As the studies have shown up to 25% of all the calories that young adults consume in the US are from soft drinks.

Obesity problems have already reached vast proportions especially in the western countries. Unfortunately, there is nothing which can indicate that the situation will probably change. Commonly obesity problems are provoked by the wrong choices people make. So, changing your eating habits and exercising regularly can help you to lose weight and prolong the life expectancy.

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