Choosing a Treatment for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very serious condition. However, it can be treated, or at least, the symptoms can be alleviated. Generally, there are three main types of the illness:

  • malignant melanoma,
  • basal cell carcinoma,
  • and squamous cell carcinoma.

Treatment for skin cancer starts from identifying the type of the condition. Another factor for the choice of treatment is what is more preferable for a patient – a surgery or a radiation therapy. In every case all the options should be discussed with a health care provider in order to find the most suitable treatment solution.

To speak about general symptoms of skin cancer, they are the following: in case of melanoma it is usually a mole that looks strange or irregular birthmark. In case of basal cell carcinoma patch of skin that is thick and unpleasantly looking usually appears. Squamous cell carcinoma is characterized by the appearance of large skin patch red in color and usually that is scaly or crusty.

It is very important to get a proper diagnosis in order to receive a proper treatment for skin cancer. It is necessary to consult a professional dermatologist or oncologist in case any strange and unusual symptoms have been noticed. Besides, it is also recommended to get as much more opinions as possible; it can happen that one doctor can be wrong, therefore do not hesitate asking for a second opinion. Nowadays there are a lot of different new medications and treatment options being introduced and they can be very helpful.

Participation in clinical trials should not be referred as scary as there are many of such types of treatment for skin cancer that are successful. Take Mohs Surgery, for instance. It is the procedure where sections of tissue are removed and then are treated cryogenically. This method works well for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It is supposed to be able to treat melanoma also.

On the beginning stages lighter treatment for skin cancer is enough. However, if the condition has already reached its advanced stage, more serious and complex methods can be required. In such cases the combinations of treatments such as therapy, cryogenic treatments and plastic surgery should be applied.

It is very important for every person to follow the recommendations of a healthcare provider and do not neglect anything that a dermatologist or an oncologist might say.

It is recommended to not to stay on the open sunlight for too long in case you happened to have skin cancer. Any exposure to ultra-violet is risky and therefore should be avoided at all costs. All in all direct sunlight in excessive amounts in unhealthy and harmful and can cause skin cancer in a healthy person. That is why all the doctors recommend sunbathing in moderation.

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