Eyelid Rash Facts

Eyelid rash is a very unpleasant condition. It creates itching and swelling sensation that interferes with a person’s normal life. Reading and writing come as a problem and other kinds of work as well.

The medical name of the condition is eyelid dermatitis and it is characterized by redness, swelling, itching, and pain in the area of eyes. Frequently vision problems also occur.

The reason for eyelid rash to appear can be different. In the first place it is cosmetics that can lead to the development of the condition. Among the items of make-up and cosmetics are such things as shampoo and hair cream, also soap, or face cream. Different eye make-up stuff such as mascara, eye shadow and eye liner are very well capable of causing the condition. Besides, household cleaning stuff, which is made of chemicals, can produce the same effect.

Among other possible causes are such factors of environment as dust and pollution, also toxic fumes; dry cold winds can make your eyes dry and irritated as well. Eyelid rash can also be the result of usage of contact lenses or eye drops. The condition can also represent an intolerance reaction to certain medications or even foods. In this case usually rash is present in other parts of the body.

Among other cause of eyelid rash there is nickel jewellery. The thing about it that actually there is no necessity for the metal to touch the skin anywhere – it is able to cause the reaction as it is. That is shy even if you have got a belt made of nickel, you can develop eyelid rash easily. This is actually not a very serious condition if it is just the eyelid rash itself. However, in case it is accompanied with such signs as fatigue and fever, also weight loss and excessive sweating, and so on, there can be more serious reasons behind the condition. For instance, it can be some autoimmune diseases; and in this case it is important to apply for professional assessment and help.

It is important (as in every other illness) to identify the reason rightly in order to select a proper treatment. Provided that the causes are identified, the steps in accordance should be taken. If eyelid rash is evoked by jewellery, it should be removed; if it is cosmetics – it should be stopped being used. The same refers to all the possible allergens and the like. In case an autoimmune disease is the reason, then, a treatment in accordance should be provided. There are also such options as medications and crams. They usually deal with inflammation and alleviate itching and in general sooth the symptoms.

If eyelid rash is not caused by some autoimmune disease, special treatment is not necessary. The condition will go away itself after some time. But there can be complications and cases when pus gets collected inside and the blister bursts. It is very important to clean the skin and all the area around. In cases when it becomes too large, surgery may be needed.

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