Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms

Sick building syndrome is not a very well-known condition. It is as the name suggests the condition connected with a person’s close working or residential environment. It is still not investigated properly as it should be because it is very hard to understand whether certain particular symptoms are the reason behind this condition or they are the sign of some disease of this individual only. It is no surprise that a lot of people do not take this condition seriously and many do not even know about it.

Sick building syndrome stands for the condition that is evoked by unfavorable environmental conditions in a building. People experience the signs of it when they are inside or around and feel well when they leave the area or place. Sick building syndrome symptoms are numerous and the most frequent of them are headaches in the first place, also different skin rashes as well as breathing problems and muscle cramps. One of the common symptoms for all the people suffering from SBS is constant fatigue.

SBS can be also termed as the situations when a person can experience harmful health or comfort effects while being present in some particular building. It might be the whole building or just its part. According to different health agencies the condition represents a set of sick building syndrome symptoms that manifest themselves in the person while in the building.

To be specific about sick building syndrome symptoms, some of them have already been mentioned. Among others are different respiratory problems (hyperventilation; shortness of breath). Loss of concentration is also frequent in people who feel constantly tired. Skin problems are also characteristic.

Why do certain places cause these so-called sick building syndrome symptoms? The reason is sometimes very simple. The materials are made of and the things that surround them are frequently made of anything but friendly materials. Paints and oils are frequently rich in chemical pollutants like formaldehyde and other more than dangerous stuff. Besides, there is always external world that is able to bring a lot of different unhealthy stuff into the building. There are so many factors that can cause sick building syndrome symptoms and this is not always that people are nervous and easily irritated because they are tired of the work they are doing.

Generally, it is typical for the sick building syndrome symptoms to alleviate or disappear as long as a person leaves the place or a building. However, there are other cases when people cannot get over their health problems induced by this very disorder. Still, as it was mentioned above, the condition is hard to diagnose and study thoroughly as all the signs are highly individual and the effect that one person gets cannot be the same with another person.

Sick building syndrome symptoms are very unpleasant, especially, if a person for some cannot change the place of work or location. Sick building syndrome is generally supposed to have two main causes – the ones that can be traced and the ones that can’t be. This condition and its peculiarities are still under thorough investigation.

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